Want List: Bush Tetras Box Will Now Commemorate Dee Pop [1956-2021]

bush tetras rhythm + paranoia cover art
Wharf Cat Records | US | 2021

Just last week I was ecstatic to find out that I had a compilation from Mojo [bought from the local library] called “Death Disco” that was thick with Post-Punk tracks; many of which did not otherwise reside in the Record Cell. Without a doubt, the one cut on it that probably made me buy it four years ago was The Bush Tetras electric jolt of Post-Punk Funk “Too Many Creeps.” I’ve had a desire to have Bush Tetras music in my home now for 41 years. So this was a very pleasant re-discovery.

Then I stumbled upon the news on the Trouser Press Forum that in about a month, there will be a new Bush Tetras compilation from the magnificently named Wharf Cat Records called “Rhythm + Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras” that has my name all over it. This looks to make the “Boom In The Night” CD that ROIR released [ulp] 26 years ago look as long in tooth as it actually is. According to Discogs, “Boom In The Night” has been on my want list for eight years now. And is none too affordable. There is one US copy at $28.50.

bush tetras boom in the night cover art
ROIR | US | CD | 1995 | RUSCD 8218

Bush Tetras: Boom In The Night – US – CD [1995]

  1. Cowboys In Africa
  2. Things That Go Boom In The Night
  3. You Can’t Be Funky
  4. Snakes Crawl
  5. Rituals
  6. Moonlite
  7. You Taste Like The Tropics
  8. Das Ah Riot
  9. Too Many Creeps
  10. Dum Dum
  11. Stand Up And Fight
  12. Who’s Gonna Pay
  13. It’s So Weird
  14. Funky (Instrumental)
Bush Tetras Monktone
Bush Tetras 40 years ago: [rear, L-R] Pat Place, Cynthia Sley [front L-R] Dee Pop, Laura Kennedy

The taut “Too Many Creeps” was one of the songs that was plastered liberally in the playlists of WPRK-FM by the time I was listening heavily in the 1981 time period. This was bristling, urgent Post-Punk Funk/Disco that indicated the band were influenced by Gang Of Four, who had emerged in 1978 to those who were paying close attention. They definitely had the same spartan, angular, minimalist Funk vibe that threw the confrontational lyrics into sharp relief. I’d say that Bush Tetras had the advantage for being mostly female.

This gave them an edge that Gang of Four could only approach from their left wing academia roots. Meanwhile, the deadpan Cynthia Sley invested “Too Many Creeps” with a lived in contempt that suggested what she experienced as a woman every day that cut across all demarcations of class structure. It only helped that bassist Laura Kennedy was laying down a truly spectacular bass that dominated the track; leaving guitarist Pat Place room for her slashes of strident, angular guitar that acted like aural pepper spray. Meanwhile, drummer Dee Pop kept us all moving on the dance floor. This single could have only been released on 99 Records.

I just can’t pay the price of shoppin’ around, no more

Because there’s just nothin’ that’s worth the cost

‘Cause it’s the worst!

It’s The Worst! [7x]

Too Many Creeps

The new BSOG comes in both flavors: The expected 3xLP DLX BSOG and a 2xCD package for us granddads. Here’s the contents of each configuration. 30 tracks on 2xCD and 29 on the LP [with track 30 as a DL]. Both packages have a DL only bonus track in “Cutting Floor.”

bush tetras rhythm + paranoia boxed set of god
The LP is an orgy of packaging

Here are the tracks:

  1. Too Many Creeps
  2. Snakes Crawl
  3. You Taste Like the Tropics
  4. Punch Drunk
  5. Cold Turkey [Live in London]
  6. Things That Go Boom in the Night
  7. Das Ah Riot
  8. Cowboys in Africa
  9. Rituals
  10. You Can’t Be Funky
  11. Moonlite
  12. Dum Dum
  13. Stand Up and Fight
  14. Page 18
  15. Color Green
  16. Mr. Lovesong [Alternate Version]
  17. World
  18. Motörhead
  19. Pretty Thing
  20. You Don’t Know Me
  21. Heart Attack
  22. Ocean
  23. Nails
  24. True Blue
  25. Red Heavy
  26. Out Again
  27. There Is a Hum
  28. Seven Years
  29. Sucker Is Born
  30. Run Run Run [Live in San Francisco]
  31. Cutting Floor

LP Format

  • 3x 180g LPs
  • rigid lift-off box with lift ribbon
  • 46 page LP sized book with essays/photos
  • DL card with bonus track
bush tetras rhythm + paranoia CD cover art
the 2xCD gets the job done with minimal fuss

CD Format

  • 2xCDs
  • 4-panel digipak
  • 40 page booklet

DEE POP: 1956-2021

Dee Pop R.I.P.
Dimitri Papadopoulos or Dee Pop to you

The release is out on November 12th and on last Saturday night, the band had a launch event at Howl Arts in the Lower East Side of NYC. Quite terribly, that was the same day that  drummer Dee Pop died. Prompting the band to continue the event as his memorial. I totally get that. The drummer, born Dimitri Papadopoulos, had played with Bush Tetras since their formation in 1979 and was the band’s “archival” member. There’s one in every band. Without Dee’s inclinations, I doubt that the new collection would be as well appointed as it is. Pop also played with Michael Karoli, Richard Lloyd, The Gun Club, Jayne County among others, with a foot also in the NYC Jazz realm. He had also formed his own mega-eclectic combo the aptly named Radio I-Ching.

If you’re like me with only a track on a compilation to your name, then the new collection looks to be the thing to have. The side that you gravitate to may depend on price. The LP box is $98.98 and the 2xCD is $29.98 so I know my target. Pre-sales are at the Wharf Cat Records website but also at the band’s Bandcamp page which you can reach by hitting that button below. For our friends in the UK, don’t balk at shipping costs as Rough Trade Records will be carrying the box, and rightly so! And finally, our thoughts go out to Dimitri’s bandmates and family during this difficult time.

post-punk monk buy button


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10 Responses to Want List: Bush Tetras Box Will Now Commemorate Dee Pop [1956-2021]

  1. Echorich says:

    Too Many Creeps reminds me of being a junior in high school, on a mission to on the one hand proselytize in the name of New Wave and Punk, while on the other, trying to keep some of the new music I was discovering all to myself. Bush Tetras were a band I probably saw 8-10 times during 1980 and 1981 with my friends. If they were playing, it was a no brainer to show up and have agreat time. They headlined clubs and even opened for The Clash at Bonds.
    There were a few other bands that we would show up for an time they played, including The Cosmopolitans, who had a local hit with (How To Keep Your) Husband Happy – a track that The B52’s never got around to writing.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Of course you were all over Bush Tetras. What an exciting youth you had in the city that never sleeps. I sort of remember The Cosmopolitans. Did I hear them on WPRK-FM or just read about them in Trouser Press?

      Holy Moley! Looks like The Cosmopolitans were rubbing shoulders with Mitch Easter [who played on and produced that single] along with the other DBs guys involvement. All on Alan Betrock’s Shake imprint, not surprisingly! [Monk investigates deeper] Holy Crow! The “Shake To Date” compilation made the leap to the silver disc in 1988 on Line Records in Germany!


  2. schwenko says:

    “Too Many Creeps” was initially released on the seminal 99 Records record label, which I fortuitously bought in their basement record store at 99 Macdougal Street back in the day


    • postpunkmonk says:

      schwenko – 99 Records was a small, but perfect label. There are quite a few of those that we should discuss one day! I really need to get a copy of Glenn Branca’s “The Ascension.” I heard that a lot on college radio back then and loved it. But not the LP – Holy Toledo, that’s expensive.


  3. slur says:

    Bush Tetras where great in the 80’s and their early Fetish singles are a treasure. I also got the Roir tapes when they came out (Studio + Live) but missed the CD rereleases before they got rare and expensive. Most of the time I resist buying the same music twice as there is too much worth listening too arround but this I regret. Not convinced about this compilation though and their later stuff. Somehow they lost it for me from ’83 to ’96… Still RIP Dee Pop.


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