Want List: Ultravox “Three-Into-One” Gets The Rubellan Remasters Analog Love

ultravox - rubellan remasters three-into-one LP colored vinyl
Rubellan Remasters | US | LP | 2021 | Ruby24LP

I’ve known about this for many months and today is the day when pre-order begins. We’ve seen the growth and accomplishments of Rubellan Remasters over the last few years with passion projects making it to the CD format. The label is the closest thing to exactly what I would be doing if I had a bigger streak of masochism. It’s hard enough for me to collect the vinyl and CDs I want in order to use them making the CDs that no one else will sell to me, but at least I don’t have to deal with the pain [and cost] of licensing masters from labels. So it’s all to our benefit that Scott of Rubellan fights the good fight for all of us.

Lately Rubellan Remasters has been going with the flow and he’s released expanded CDs as well as color vinyl LPs of four Oingo Boingo albums to brisk sales. Particularly on the antique format. Rubellan Remasters is now making inroads to releasing compilations like the “Essential Divinyls” album that had never been on LP. On their latest project, attention has been turned to a primary Monastic focus. The band that’s the bedrock of my Record Cell; Ultravox!

ultravox three-into-one blue/white LP
blue + white

!I already have three editions of of the 1980 compilation that Island Records issued to cash in on Ultravox! when they got signed to Chrysalis and began their upward climb. I have the original UK Island pressing as well as the US version on the Antilles sub-label. Then in 1993, I bought my first ever CD of John Foxx period Ultravox! when “Three-Into-One” made the leap to the sliver disc; substituting the LP version of “Quiet Men” for the 12″ mix [full version] that the original UK LP sported. I thought I was done with this album, but Rubellan Remasters is here to tempt me today with a record I really don’t need, but surely want.

ultravox three-into-one green/black LP
the classic green + black look

Ultavox: Three Into One – US – LP [green/black, blue + white] [2021]

  1. Young Savage
  2. ROckWrok
  3. Dangerous Rhythm
  4. The Man Who Dies Every Day
  5. The Wild, The Beautiful, And The Damned
  6. Slow Motion
  7. Just For A Moment
  8. Quiet Men [full version]
  9. My Sex
  10. Hiroshima Mon Amour

The pre-sales for these colored vinyl editions of the “Three-Into-One” US LP [the first LP edition of the album since the 1988 Australian budget edition!] began today and there are 500 of each of the two color combinations as seen here. Each LP is $23.99 and there is a bundle option for “collectors” with both for $47.98. Due to gougers and flippers earlier on the Oingo Boingo editions, there is a limit of one copy in each color. I would not mind ordering the green + black one, in keeping with the cover design, but right now the money is not there. So I may just have to let the chips fall where they may and live with the results. The records are released on November 5th and the green + black is already down by about 18% of total. So caveat emptor and Mr. DJ Hit That Button [below].

post-punk monk buy button


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7 Responses to Want List: Ultravox “Three-Into-One” Gets The Rubellan Remasters Analog Love

  1. negative1ne says:

    Hi Mr. Monk,

    very cool to see these. I’m torn. I don’t like foxx era of ultravox.
    but i like the band and colored vinyl. so i’m tempted to get it.
    decisions, decisions.



    • postpunkmonk says:

      negative1ne – Do it for Warren, Chris, and Billy! Even Midge was a fan!

      Liked by 1 person

      • negative1ne says:

        Hi Mr. Monk,
        I actually have the slow motion clear UK 12 inch, and also the quiet men white vinyl UK 12 inch in my collection, added recently. But i have not played or heard those songs yet.
        I guess i could just buy the record and not play it also..



        • postpunkmonk says:

          negative1ne – If you’ve got the clear 12″ of “Slow Motion” and not played it yet…seek professional help. Personal opinion: if all Ultravox ever recorded was “Slow Motion” they would still be my favorite group. It sounds better than everything else that came before or after it. And by “everything else,” I mean all music. I actually own four copies of it. One autographed by Cann/Cross/Currie. I have bought every copy I’ve ever seen. On principle.

          But if you are already obsessively buying Ultravox! records you don’t plan on playing because of the colored vinyl, it’s silly to pass this one up. The big question: will you get both colors?

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Substrata says:

    I do like these reissues, partly because when I was young and beautiful this LP was the first actual record of the band that I bought.

    Purchased all and every UV record since, including Mr. Foxx and other solo efforts, still this one has a special place in my heart, so looking forward to seeing and hearing both splatter versions.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Substrata – How I’d love to have every UV/solo record but though I tried, it’s unlikely. I try harder with Foxx but there’s still a few things I need.At least I have some of the more difficult to find items [mostly thanks to my wife]?


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