Record Review: Peter Godwin Revisits “The Art of Love” 30 Years Later

Zenda Records | US | DL | 2013

Zenda Records | US | DL | 2013

Peter Godwin: The Art Of Love Remix DL [2013]

  1. The Art Of Love [Johnson Somerset Remix]

It’s been almost a year since the last Peter Godwin download, his panoramic “Skyfall;” the should-have-been-Bond-theme-to-the-film-of-the-same-name… [catches breath]. This time his partner in Nuevo, Johnson Somerset, has injected the 1983 single from “Correspondence” with some of his patented widescreen DNA to lend an ambient dub air to the already luxuriant serving of sloe-eyed synth-funk that is this song. The resultant remix is not much more than a hop, skip, and a jump away from Somerset’s work for cohort Bryan Ferry over the last 20 years.

Given that Godwin plows a similar thematic furrow as Ferry [while sounding like his own man] means that the changes wrought to “The Art of Love” are less shocking than most apres-30 po-mo remixes. What the dreamy cut gains in a full eight minutes of expansion, it lavishes our ears with most generously. The rhythm guitar has been abetted with a few luscious, twangy chords but the arid landscapes of other Johnson Somerset mixes remains a constant here as well.  Mr. Somerset likes his sustain and reverb, so his mixes become events. Almost psychedelic, cinematic events.

Godwin fanatics [and if you’re not one… why on earth not?]  would do well to subsidize their hero’s quest for new music by purchasing at the usual digital retailers. Amazon or iTunes. This is the third sliver of download goodness that Peter’s gifted us with in the last year or so, and I await the day when I finally get off of my duff and purchase the complete Nuevo album “Sunset Rise!” Somehow, it seems easier to justify buying single downloads at pocket change prices. Damnit. If you’re not familiar with the lush sound that Johnson Somerset brings to his mixes, then try this stellar remix of Bryan Ferry’s “The Chosen One” as it has all of the hallmarks of a great remix of his. And it’s a free CD quality download, to boot, courtesy of the mixer himself. You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to Record Review: Peter Godwin Revisits “The Art of Love” 30 Years Later

  1. Echorich says:

    Masterful…funky…evocative…instinctual…Somerset has taken a dormant track and brought it back to life. There is a real respect for Godwin’s original, but it feels fresh and new. The funked up character of the song works weil with Godwin plaintive style of singing. if you loop the track, the dubby breakdown at the end fills right back into the intro…gorgeous!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – And that Ferry mix isn’t chopped livah, either! I am such a jerk for waiting to buy the Neuvo DL! It needs to be the next thing I buy… but with all of the Rocktober travel plans [which last through December] all available funding is tied up.


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