It’s Almost 20 Years Later – Time For An Icehouse Remix

The Antipodeans sure have the right obsessions for this sort of work

I’d heard a bit recently on the Steve Hoffman Forum’s Icehouse thread about the new 12″ single by The Antipodeans VS Icehouse where the Oz synthwave duo of Mark Vick and Danny Muller reworked the 1982 Icehouse classic, “Hey Little Girl.” But I am very preoccupied with a potential job upgrade on my end, and it remained until today when NickA sent me a note that I had the time to look into this phenomenon. Shall we?

Long Distance Recordings | OZ | 12″ | 2021 | LDR021

Antipodeans VS Icehouse: Hey Little Girl – OZ – translucent violet 12″ [2021]

  1. Hey Little Girl [extended mix] 7:09
  2. Hey Little Girl [radio mix] 4:11
  3. Hey Little Girl [Mark + Danny’s extended disco mix] 7:11
  4. Hey Little Girl [Mark + Danny’s disco mix] 4:46

Yow! Can we get more “Miami Vice” that that color palette? All hyper saturated to the max. There are two mixes in long/short form. The samples are on the home page of the band’s label and the brief clip doesn’t hurt. It’s a completely synthed out, sharp edged and very quantized rendition of the song with full Iva vocals. So none of those lame 90s remixes where a brief sample was manipulated over a trance mix. Thanks goodness. These guys seem to have a real affection for what they are doing, and in the instance that the original was mostly machines emulating a rock band, it’s not a radical overhaul in the conceptual sense.

Iva Davies of Icehouse these days

So far, it’s a little scarce finding anything but the limited edition 12″ for this release. And it’s really limited: Just 250 copies on 180g translucent violet vinyl with a glossy heavyweight sleeve. It’ll cost you a bit. AU$32.95 [plus shipping from the exact opposite side of the world – you do the math] and it went on sale two days ago. If you’ve got to have one of these, act now. After all, it’s been 17 years since the last Icehouse post-modern remix, “Street Cafe 2004” [are we glad the appending of the remix year trend has finally gone away?] and as long as the love is there with synth-casualties like Antipodeans, I think that the Icehouse legacy is in good hands.

UPDATE: I just checked on 10/10, and the single will be released digitally as a DL on October 29th in the usual places, so If you can’t nab the [admittedly gorgeous] 12″ then we can all get sated with the DL at popular prices.

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