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Ben Kelly + Eugene Schlumberger’s “Haçienda Landscapes” Art Book Is Crowdsourcing Now…Act Fast

Last week I received a contact form email from Darren Wall, a graphic designer who is currently art directing a book that has a lot of resonance with me. It seemed that industrial designer Ben Kelly was collaborating with photographer … Continue reading

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Second Chance For Bowie’s “Brilliant Live Adventures” 1990s Live Sets

Last fall, the news came that a series of 1990s live albums; two from three separate tours of David Bowie would be released under the banner “Brilliant Live Adventures.” At the time the series of six albums was teased with … Continue reading

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Kraftwerk Awakes From Slumber To Revisit “Heimcomputer” 40 Years Later

I can recall getting a copy of Kraftwerk’s 1981 opus, “Computerworld” as a high school graduation present. Since I already had a computer in my home by that time [Radio Shack CoCo with Extended Basic upgrade, if you’re asking] I … Continue reading

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DEVO Recombine For Twin 2021 Shows With More Shirts, Discs In Pipeline

When it rains, it pours DEVO in these days of Maximum De-Evolution®! If the 21st century had not made abundantly clear enough, we’ve already peaked. Decades ago, really, and it’s just the big entropic wave approaching us at 120 m.p.h. … Continue reading

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Forty Foxxy Years In “The Garden” Now On Colored Vinyl LPs

The last two days have seen me nearly obsessed with the synth bass solo from the coda in John Foxx’s “You Were There.” A killer deep cut from his 1981 opus, “The Garden.” My instincts were obviously working overtime since … Continue reading

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Todd Rundgren + Sparks Cover A Lot Of Territory [And 50 Years] With New Single, “Your Fandango”

Gloryoski! When it rains, it pours. Just four days after the stunning trailer for the Mael Brothers’ first narrative film, “Annette” hit the web, came news last Friday morning that the busy brothers had released a new collaborative single with … Continue reading

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Midge Ure Finishing The 1980 Tour With Worldwide Streaming Finale

Let it not be said that the covid-19 era hasn’t had some slight upticks in the way that live shows were handled. While nothing beats the excitement of a real concert, the painful fact is that most of the concerts … Continue reading

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