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JAPAN Ultrabox of “Quiet Life” Finally Scheduled for March 2021

For over a year now, advance word had been leaking out about a Boxed Set Of God version of JAPAN’s seminal “Quiet Life” album of game-changing import. Beginning in late 2019 and pointing to an early 2020 release date; the … Continue reading

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Peter Godwin And A Host Of New Wave Peers Cover The Classics For Houston’s Numbers Night Club

Yesterday we were citing hot music tips from another blogger. Often it’s the commenters and readers of PPM that set me straight with the contact form in the top menu. Fred from the Netherlands asked if I was aware of … Continue reading

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Want List: Bryan Ferry Steps Up With New Live Album To Fund Band & Crew

Earlier this year there was a vintage Bryan Ferry album that snuck out into the world. His 1974 concert at that famous Royal Albert Hall was released as one of the first vintage Ferry concerts to get the nod years … Continue reading

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OMD Revisit Enola Gay Four Times For Forty Years

I swear I posted on this earlier but it may have just been a private text thread among my friends my muddled mind is recalling, was if I’m wrong, I apologize. Last year OMD revisited their debut single in a … Continue reading

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Want List: Fashiøn – “Fabrique Deluxe” Ultrabox Coming…Finally!

I’ve watched from afar the slow, stately process of vocalist Dave Harris and Zeus B. Held compiling and remastering all of the tracks surrounding the 1982 “Fabrique” album from Fashiøn. Word has bubbled under in the Fashiøn fan community for … Continue reading

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Countess Of Fife Crowdfunding Debut Album This Month

Last Thursday, I had something a little more to be thankful for… an e-mail from The Countess Of Fife announcing a Kickstarter for their debut album as it will be produced by Jim Sutherland, who has worked with artists as … Continue reading

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Want List: Bill Nelson – Transcorder – The Acquitted By Mirrors Recordings UK 2xCD

Bill Nelson: Transcorder – UK – 2xD [2020] DISC 1 ​Sleepcycle (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ Konny Buys A Kodak (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ When The Birds Return (from Cocteau Club EP#1, 1982)​ The Beat That Can’t Go Wrong … Continue reading

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