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How Does the New Heaven 17 BSOG Compare To My Attempt?

Heaven 17 fans have been abuzz in the period where the blog was inactive lately! But that didn’t stop the world from spinning or the comments to pile up elsewhere. But it’s true! Demon Records Group are releasing a 10xCD … Continue reading

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Steven Jones + Logan Sky Crack The Subscription Puzzle With Annual VIP Membership

Jones + Sky offer a subscription that will work for this Monk | collage ©2019 Lena Nisula One of the more pleasant aftermaths of the end of Visage, following the death of Steve Strange, was that it became very interesting … Continue reading

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Simple Minds Revisit Modern Era; Reissue Rejuvenation BSOG

Glorioski! It’s been difficult around lately here what with inclement weather impacting my job, and lunch hours sacrificed on the altar of 40 hours a week. Then there was that annoying identity theft issue, haircut appointments, etc. and not only … Continue reading

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Barry Andrews Fancies Making “Contaminated Pop;” Seeks Patrons

Last week the Shriekback mailing list got an email that felt like the reissue of Barry Andrews’ “Lost Pop Songs” last year was actually an outlier to wheel turning in Mr. Andrews’ cranium to a conclusion that maybe it was … Continue reading

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Want List: Does Boxed “Movement” By New Order Excite?

It’s been a decade since the “definitive” New Order back catalog has been exploited. Rhino must be getting twitchy! I saw with some interest the 2xCD versions that came out in 2008 and featured a bonus disc of all of … Continue reading

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Revillos VS Revillos: The Ideal Versus Reality [With Lawyers]

Earlier this year, wouldn’t you know it… just six months after completing my Rezillos CD that tied up every loose end I could conceivably think of [and then some], the invisible hand of the marketplace did its best to render … Continue reading

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Want List: JAPAN Biography Reissued + Sequel Coming

Two days ago commenter Duncan Watson brought it to our attention that Anthony Reynolds’ book on JAPAN was now back in print at Burning Shed, and since we had missed the limited hardcover edition, this represents a great second chance … Continue reading

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