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Join Us Tomorrow For Martin Fry-day And The New ABC Single Flashsale

So Tim told us that ABC had a new single ready to drop for 24 hours today and it’s on sale NOW [for the last 8 or so hours…] at the band’s store in Townsend Music. $1.99 American if you’ve … Continue reading

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Want List: Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die – Punk + Post-Punk Graphics 1976-1986

Last Friday I got notice from the best brains at Rocket 88 Books that they are currently prepping a deluxe numbered edition of Andrew Krivine’s book that cuts to the heart of this Monk’s twin obsessions; Post-Punk and graphic design! … Continue reading

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POST 2000: Skafish Debut Album Reissued On Wax For A New Generation

We just got word from Skafish central that the wheels are turning for the DLX RM on LP of the debut Sakfish album will be happening in roughly a month. You may remember the months long saga that told the … Continue reading

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Want List: Electronic Sounds #64 Features John Foxx + The Maths 7″

In the predawn hours I received a notice from Electronic Sound magazine which will often bundle a CD or 7″ single with their fine publication. This is another one of their John Foxx oriented issues and as the John Foxx … Continue reading

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Now Simple Minds Are Getting The Big Book Treatment

With everything up in the air I have had little time for blogging as I am negotiating working from home, but at least I still have a job. Hopefully you do too! The job of Simple Minds is normally to … Continue reading

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Want List: That Seventh Boomtown Rats Album – “Citizens Of Boomtown” UK CD

The Boomtown Rats: Citizens Of Boomtown – UK – CD [2020] Trash Glam Baby Sweet Thing Monster Monkeys She Said No Passing Through Here’s A Postcard K.I.S.S. Rock ‘n’ Roll Yé Yé Get A Grip The Boomtown Rats I had … Continue reading

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Splendid Beauty In A Chaotic World: The Return of White Door Imminent

White Door: The Great Awakening – SE – CD – [2020] Among The Mountains Resurrection Soundtrack Of Our Lives Lullaby Angel Of Tomorrow The Great Awakening Simply Magnificent Beautiful Girl A few months ago, we were looking into the one … Continue reading

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