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Maybe Now It’s Time To Complete That ‘Classic Cars’ Collection?

We’ve not often mentioned The Cars here; I was never an enthusiastic raver. The first album was played to death on the FM-Rock I listened to at the time of its release, so it was easy to ignore them, though … Continue reading

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A Different Sort Of Subscription: OMD 12″ Singles From New Album

We were all on board with “The Punishment Of Luxury” being the upcoming OMD album available via Pledge Music. Since that announcement, it’s often been in the top 10 chart at Pledge Music. I’ve heard the music video for the … Continue reading

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REDUX: Want List: B Movie – The Age Of Illusion

July 9, 2013 B-Movie: The Age Of Illusion GER CD [2013] Age Of Illusion Other People’s Lives Perfect Storm She’s A Car Crash Zeitgeist The Dreamers Razor’s Edge Echoes To The Ends Of The Earth Dark Lines Holy frijoles! I … Continue reading

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The OMD Resurgence Continues Unabated With The “Punishment Of Luxury”

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: The Punishment Of Luxury UK CD [2017] The Punishment of Luxury Isotype One More Time Precision & Decay As We Open, So We Close What Have We Done Robot Man Art Eats Art Kiss Kiss … Continue reading

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If It’s Spring, It Must Be Crowdsource Time…

Last year around this time, you could tell it was Spring because all of the crowd-sourced projects were in bloom! Seemingly at once. I had Mari Wilson, Dr. Robert, and Billie Ray Martin all coming to a head at once.  This year … Continue reading

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Unnamed Jo Callis Project Gets Greenlighted!

On Saturday, I crossed a line in the sand! In a move that doesn’t happen every day, I obtained the final piece of a special Jo Callis puzzle. I now have everything he’s released outside of The Rezillos and the Human … Continue reading

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Heaven 17 Offer Fans A Lifeline With New Single/Album-In-Progress

Heaven 17: Captured/Unseen UK 12″ [2016] Captured [2016 mix] 3:58 Unseen [2016 mix] 4:35 Four months ago, H17 let their new single for 2016 drop and I was gearing up for Midge Ure in Atlanta. It was only last week that I … Continue reading

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