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Landscape Career Box “Landscape-A-Go-Go” Now Ready For Launch On July 21st

In January we teased the first notice of the upcoming Landscape ultrabox without too much to know about it, other than the general gist of it, and since then we’ve had comments on that post from band member John L. … Continue reading

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Those First Impressions: Johnny + The Self-Abusers – “Saints + Sinners” UK 7″

Johnny + The Self-Abusers: Saints + Sinners – UK – 7″ [1977] Johnny + The Self-Abusers was not the first name the band that would eventually become Simple Minds ever had. That would be the even weirder Biba-Rom! But Johnny … Continue reading

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Adele Bertei Releases Memoir “Twist” Today From ZE Books

Today there is the release of a new ZE Books memoir by Adele Bertei covering the crucial New/No Wave artist through her tumultuous origins in Cleveland before her move to New York City and a different world entirely. It’s the … Continue reading

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Want List: Model Citizens Comprehensive Reissue Coming To LP + CD

Not long ago we were discussing the comprehensive reissue program that the label Modern Harmonic had lavished on NYC band The Dance, when the lead singer, Eugenie Diserio, left a welcome comment stating that the precursor band she sang in … Continue reading

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Want List: John Foxx – “Avenham” Album Coming To CD Next Week

John Foxx: Avenham – UK – CD [2023] We’re not quiiiiiiite finished with the Ultravox Family this week. It was barely a month ago when we discussed the upcoming John Foxx solo piano album due at the end of March, … Continue reading

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Gardening By Moonlight “Method In The Madness” Still Not On CD, But It IS A Digital Download

Good news for modern man! One of the earliest obscure but potent albums it was my pleasure to champion in the early days of PPM is once more available, and in digital format. “Method In The Madness” from Gardening By … Continue reading

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Shooting Out More Sparks: New Album & Tour For 2023 From The Inimitable Maels

Has it really been three years since the last Sparks album, “A Steady Drip, Drip Drip?” It seems like only yesterday, but I still need a copy since when it was released, I was completely unsure of my employment prospects … Continue reading

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