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A personal favorite Post-Punk subculture. The bastard sons of Roxy Music and David Bowie.

Andy Taylor Missed the Duran Duran Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony For The Worst Possible Reason

Last Saturday night was supposed to be a victory lap for the band Duran Duran. After all, the historical antipathy of Rolling Stone to their music was pretty well known, and when they were nominated and were voted in, I … Continue reading

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When Titans…Collaborate: Malcolm Garrett + Peter Saville Sleeves [part 1]

Manchester was a hotbed of musical influence in the Post-Punk musical environment for sure, but if you’re a graphic designer [raises hand] it was even more influential from the same period. While there were titans of sleeve art prior to … Continue reading

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Associates “Sulk” Ultrabox Aims For Excess…As Ever [part 3]

[…continued from last post] Following the pensive “Skipping,” the album got a jolt of the closest it came to Rock energy with “It’s Better This Way.” Rankine’s anxious, ominous guitar chords proffered a cinematic foreshadowing of emotional dread in the … Continue reading

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Want List: Ultravox “Rage In Eden” Ultrabox Coming for Album’s 41st Anniversary

In the biggest open secret for some months, Ultravox’s much-mooted “Rage In Eden” ultrabox was finally announced today in an official capacity. Rogue retailers in Europe had played their hands early last year which must have vexed the minds at … Continue reading

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Want List: Classix Nouveaux – The Liberty Recordings 1981 – 1983 UK Box

Commenter JT opened a can of worm s yesterday with his citing of Classix Nouveaux as perhaps the quintessential New Romantic band. I remember reading about them when their eponymous album was released in America in 1981. I also recall … Continue reading

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Classic Pop’s New Romantic Special Attempts To Parse the Slippery “Movement”

It’s been a while now, but knowing my predilections, commenter Jordan asked me if I’d be interested in a copy of the Classic Pop “New Romantic Special Edition” from 2019. Not being one to turn down too many free offers, … Continue reading

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Peter Godwin’s “Correspondence” Crosses Digital Rubicon with “Dance Emotions” To Follow On Friday

Peter Godwin: Correspondence – STR – DL [2022] Baby’s In The Mountains 4:11 The Art Of Love 4:54 Window Shopping 3:10 Soul To Soul 5:36 Young Pleasure 4:25 The Dancer 3:43 Correspondence 3:34 Over Twenty One 3:08 Soul Of Love … Continue reading

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