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A personal favorite Post-Punk subculture. The bastard sons of Roxy Music and David Bowie.

Ron-Kon II: A Memorial Tale – [more Rockaway] [part 7]

[continued from last post] Rockaway Records [continued] Going through the bins this afternoon, I finally came across something that I had been wanting since 1979. Cack when I was listening to FM Rock®, there were a number of syndicated recio … Continue reading

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A Flock Of Seagulls Reunite In Original Lineup For Orchestral Hits And AFOS BSOG

I think we can all agree that when Paul Reynolds left A Flock Of Seagulls following their “Story of A Young Heart” album, that the group lost something they never replaced. His Post-Punk guitar prowess made songs like “Modern Love … Continue reading

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Spandau Shakeup Stabilizes…To What End?

While we have had our head stuck down the OMD rabbit hole for many months, the world has not ceased spinning on its axis. Last July, Tony Hadley beat what seemed like a hasty exit from Spandau Ballet after nine … Continue reading

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Shock’s Robert Pereno Crafts A Musical Biography With Logan Sky

I recently got the advance word that the perpetually busy synthesist Logan [Visage] Sky was not merely content to issue albums every few months with his musical partner Steven Jones. He was also linking up with a name from the … Continue reading

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REDUX: Corn-Fed New Wave: System 56 – Metro Metro

April 1, 2014 System 56: Metro-Metro US 7: [1982] Metro-Metro In The Old World In a word… Wow!  Wow!!! My friend JT hipped me to this incredible Cleveland band that was active for only a few years from 1982-1984 and … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Landscape – From The Tearooms of Mars… To The Hell-holes of Uranus

December 26, 2013 Landscape: From The Tearooms of Mars… To The Hell-holes Of Uranus US LP [1981] European Man Shake The West Awake Computer Person Alpine Tragedy; Sisters Face Of The 80’s New Religion Einstein A Go-Go Norman Bates The … Continue reading

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Record Review: Duran Duran – My Own Way

Duran Duran: My Own Way UK 7″ [1981] My Own Way [7″ version] Like An Angel I was an early convert to the church of Double Duran [R.I.P. J.J.Jackson]. My friend chasinvictoria initially sent me a tape letter in 1981 … Continue reading

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