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Jones + Sky VS Zeitreich Drop New Mix Of “Like A Ghost” For Halloween

Things have been a bit quiet on the Steven Jones + Logan Sky front following their last amazing album in 2021. If history’s anything to judge by, they are currently busy working on upping their game, which they do with … Continue reading

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REDUX: A Visage Post Script With Logan Sky and Steven Jones

November 20, 2015 With Visage now concluded, where does that leave us, the fans? There was a lot of talent stirred into Team Visage, and their keyboardist Logan Sky has many irons in the fire that offer ways forward now that the … Continue reading

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Steven Jones + Logan Sky Drop “Summer Herz;” New Single With New Wrinkles

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Summer Herz – UK – DL [2022] Summer Herz The Last Man In Europe Summer Herz [Berlin ’22] Has it really been a year since “European Lovers,” the stunning 2021 release by Steven Jones + … Continue reading

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Steve Jones + Logan Sky Take “European Lovers” To A New Level of Ecstacy

It was in the summer of 2019 when we last got an album from Jones + Sky. At the time, I felt that they had reached a new plateau of sophistication and stylish verve. They had begun their pivot from … Continue reading

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Record Review: Steven Jones + Logan Sky – Lovers + Losers DL

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Lovers + Losers | GER | DL [2021] Lovers + Losers (Edit) 04:24 Lovers + Losers (Extended Remix) 06:34 Lovers + Losers (Vandal Moon Remix) 03:47 Lovers + Losers (May Be Horizon Remix) 04:29 Politics … Continue reading

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New Single From Steven Jones & Logan Sky Offers A Dark Mirror Held Up To The Surreality Of 2020

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Sons Of Hallucination – DL single [2020] Sons Of Hallucination 4:59 The Shape Of Darkness 2:23 Another Hallucination 6:39 Today Steven Jones + Logan Sky offer us a taster of their next album, “European Lovers,” … Continue reading

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Jones + Sky Reflect On The Distance Between Us

This morning we heard news of Steven Jones + Logan Sky stepping forward with an eerie new single to give us something new to hear that reflects our current zeitgeist. “Shedding My Skin” is a 3-track download made during the … Continue reading

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