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Classic Pop’s New Romantic Special Attempts To Parse the Slippery “Movement”

It’s been a while now, but knowing my predilections, commenter Jordan asked me if I’d be interested in a copy of the Classic Pop “New Romantic Special Edition” from 2019. Not being one to turn down too many free offers, … Continue reading

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Gary Kemp + Steven Wilson + Mike Garson = …Whaaa…??!

Gary Kemp + Steven Wilson + Mike Garson: Waiting For The Band remix – DL – [2021] Waiting For The Band [remix] 10:37 This came out of nowhere and I had to investigate, given the participants. I have been aware … Continue reading

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Record Shopping Road Trip: Atlanta, October 2018 – Day 2, Store 2

[…continued from previous post] Wax ‘N Facts | Atlanta, GA We strolled the 400 feet from Criminal Records to Wax ‘N Facts, and entered the now open store to hit the CD stock first. The prices were very modest with … Continue reading

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Heck Freezes Over, Melts, Then Re-Freezes Again: Gary Kemp Joins The Pink Floyd

I caught wind of this a few weeks ago when we were in the middle of the 30Days; 30 Albums thread, so this is the first time I’ve mentioned it in a post, but I saw on the morning of … Continue reading

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Spandau Shakeup Stabilizes…To What End?

While we have had our head stuck down the OMD rabbit hole for many months, the world has not ceased spinning on its axis. Last July, Tony Hadley beat what seemed like a hasty exit from Spandau Ballet after nine … Continue reading

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Jim Kerr Is a FUNNY Guy…

SPECIAL BONUS SATURDAY POSTING: I was halfway through this interesting interview with Jim Kerr and Goldmine editor Patrick Prince and this was so hilarious I had to share a tiny bit with everyone. Prince is talking about the generational reach … Continue reading

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Gorge Yourself On Disco: Spandau Ballet’s “Diamond” Boxed Set Edition [part 4]

[…continued from previous post] And after “Coffee Club,” this album manifested several other, radically different forms. This was the crucial factor that made “Diamond” such an arresting, almost stupefying album. Their first album was generally of a consistent piece; rock … Continue reading

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