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If you can’t laugh at your obsessions, what good are you?

Moroder Week: Day 7 – Donna Summer – I Feel Love 12″

What else could we end Moroder Week with but the truly seminal single “I Feel Love,” by Donna Summer? I can only typify the effect of this song’s appearance in 1977 as cataclysmic? I was still listening to Top 40 … Continue reading

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Neil Young Saves Music’s Soul… For A Price

I’ve watched Neil Young’s Pono project with a jaundiced eye. When it comes to audio quality, I’m all for it. I am not a voracious purchaser of downloads for many, disparate reasons. First and foremost, for the inconvenience of having … Continue reading

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The Sliding Scale of Eurokase: European Technopop From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

This type of  in-depth analysis is better suited as an information graphic.   Sorry to be so behind in posting but we’ve been snowed in here for almost a week and I have tried to only blog when at work … Continue reading

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80s Rocker Screwed By Microsoft® in Smartphone Shocker

80s Rocker Greg Kihn was counting on his lucrative licensing deal with Microsoft® to pull his career out of the doldrums. But the Redmond giant’s whiplash inducing kill off of their brand new Kin® line of cell phones put the … Continue reading

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