Rubellan Remasters Releasing Perfect Slow Children CDs, with Peter Baumann’s New Wave Disc As Well

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Slow Children and Peter Baumann are next on the Rubellan Remasters Roster®

Do you remember all of that effort I spent making CDs of the first and second Slow Children albums in 2020? And finally writing about it last year? Well, I’m ready to toss those discs on the scrapheap of history. Because Rubellan Remasters is once again moving like a freight train into the same areas of interest to my hobby of making the CDs The Man won’t sell me. I would have swore on a stack of Trouser Press issues that I’d never see CD of the two Visage remix variation CDs, but they proved me wrong there. For years, the Rubellan CEO has talked about how they’d like to make Slow Children CDs, but that never seemed to happen…until now.

Rubellan Remasters | US | CD | 2022 | RUBY35CD

Slow Children: Slow Children DLX RM – US – CD [2022]
1. Brazilian Magazines
2. I Got A Good Mind
3. Talk About Horses
4. Malicious
5. She’s Like America
6. President Am I
7. Too Weak To Eat
8. Home Life
9. Staring At The Ceiling
10. Ticket To France
11. Stuck In Transit
12. Spring In Fialta
13. Staring At The Ceiling [Single Version]
14. That Statue Moved
15. Tear Jerk
16. Who’s Gonna Kiss Me Goodnight
17. President Am I [U.S. Album Version]
18. Kid South
19. TKO
20. Dancing In The Wrong Direction [Live]

My copy of that disc was 18 tracks; the 11 track UK edition [with the fantastic Jean Cocteau homage cover you see above] plus seven tracks of rarities and mixes. Rubellan has upped the ante by linking up with the artistes themselves, who have enthusiastically provided five further tracks that were previously unreleased in addition to the bonus tracks collectors might already have on disc.

We’ve heard the amazing “Tear Jerk” and “Who’s Gonna Kiss Me Goodnight” on the band’s Soundcloud page, but the rest of these are new to these ears. And the live track intriguingly dated from the band’s early history when they were a full, gigging L.A. band that included Michael Steele post-Runaways, but pre-Bangles.  That ended when Pal Shazar and Andrew Chinich migrated to the UK in search of label interest, but we can hear some of that now.

It looks like all of the tracks that I included on my copy are accounted for; either here or on the “Mad About Town” CD also available. With the exception of the brief, “Spring In Fialta” edit of less than three minutes that was on the “Blitz” sampler. But that’s technically redundant with the full length tale included here. The joy here, of course, is that these are mastered from the master tapes, not my ancient vinyl.

slow chiodren mad abpout town rubellan cover
Rubellan Remasters | US | CD | 2022 | RUBY36CD

Slow Children: Mad About Town DLX RM – US – CD [2022]
1. One More Trauma
2. Late Night Transatlantic
3. Unplugging The Vacuum
4. Vanessa Vacillating
5. Suspense
6. Respective Sides
7. Skill Of A Caveman
8. Missing Missiles
9. East Berlin By Rail
10. Past Disasters
11. President Am I [Extended Version]
12. Spring In Fialta [Extended Version]
13. Vanessa Vacillating [Extended Remix]
14. Unplugging The Vacuum [Extended Remix]

The second album was only issued in North America and here Rubellan has made the editorial decision to move the redundant remix of “President Am I” that RCA was betting on as the breakout single [two albums in a row] to the end of the album where the bonus tracks are. There we can also find the 12″ remix of “Spring In Fialta” that was on the flip side of that “President Am I” promo 12″ single. We also got the “Unplugging The Vacuum” promo 12″ tracks included, and one more, previously unreleased track in “Past Disasters.” So this disc rounds out the RCA years of Slow Children admirably.

Rubellan Remasters | US | CD | 2022 | RUBY34CD

Peter Baumann: Repeat, Repeat [UK ver.] – US – CD – [2022]
1. Repeat Repeat
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Deccadance
4. Realtimes
5. M.A.N. Series Two
6. Brain Damage
7. Kinky Dinky
8. Daytime Logic
9. Playland Pleasure
10. What Is Your Use?

There’s a third Rubellan Remaster on the starting block for pre-order and it’s an intriguing, left-field choice. The 1981 very New Wave “Repeat, Repeat” album recorded by Peter Baumann [ex-Tangerine Dream] with co-production by Robert Palmer at the height of his New Wave period! I would want this one on principle, but as it turned out, I’d heard a track from this back in the day.

Going back to Trouser Press, I was a subscriber once they added flexidiscs to the subscriber-only issues. And one of them had Altered Images and Peter Baumann on it. At the time, I was severely smitten with Altered Images’ “See Those Eyes” 12″ mix by Martin Rushent, who was ruling my world in the post-Dare, pre-“Lexicon of Love” environment of the day. That led to me perhaps discounting the charms of Peter Baumann in comparison, but now, 40 years later, the notion of a Tangerine Dream founder making a synthetic dance album [in 1981!] with Robert Palmer helming it with him is like mental flypaper! I have every suspicion that I will have discovered a new favorite thing once I buy this CD!

All of these releases get set free ten days from now, on May 20, 2022. They can be pre-ordered in the Rubellan Remasters store for the price of $14.99 each. There has been only a 1990 CD issued in the UK for the Baumann title, and it’s seriously OOP at unpopular prices. The Slow Children title are fresh to the silver disc. Now that Scott of Rubellan has cut the day job free, we expect the brakes to come off of his former side gig as the full potential of Rubellan Remasters can now fully blossom. To aid in that lofty goal, why not buy these fine discs [expertly remastered, as always] right now?

Peter Baumann: Repeat, Repeat CD

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Slow Children: Slow Children CD

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Slow Children: Mad About Town CD

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