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Poll: The Bowie Compilation Album To Have When You’re Having Only One [part 1]

I was looking at the latest feed on Discogs and noticed a Bowie compilation that was new to me this morning. “Chameleon” was an Australian/New Zealand compilation new to me, and with a very dated line in airbrush art using … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: David Werner – David Werner [REVO 094]

David Werner: David Werner + – US – CD-R [2020] Can’t Imagine What’s Right What Do You Need To Love Melanie Cries Eye To Eye Hold On Tight Every New Romance Too Late To Try High Class Blues She Sent … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering – Talking Heads – Live On Tour/The Warner Brothers Music Show [REVO 099]

My desire for having this album snakes backward in time for over 40 years. I first heard TVLKING HEVDS in the summer of 1978 when “Take Me To The River” eked its way onto the FM Rock airwaves that I … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Claudia Brücken – Comprehension Vol. 1 [REVO 031A]

Claudia Brücken: Comprehension Vol. 1 – US – CD-R [2020] Dr. Mabuse [Razormaid remix] When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time Snobbery + Decay [Moonlighting Mix I] When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time [12” ver.] I Can’t Escape From … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 5]

1987 found Icehouse making their inevitable “big commercial move” album that so many acts were also doing in the mid 80s. It speaks highly for Icehouse’s taste that their “groomed for maximum selling potential” release walks a finer line than most … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 4]

1985 brought a new drive to Icehouse since the previous album, “Sidewalk” saw a marked shift downward from the growth curve that had moved from “Icehouse” to “Primitive Man.” The pressure was on, but the band had now gelled around … Continue reading

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Requiem For A Promo Copy

When buying CDs in the basement of Harvest Records last weekend, I ran into another sign of the end times. While there were many releases in promotional card sleeves, a substantial number of them were the seriously less desirable CD-R … Continue reading

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