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Record Review: Scritti Politti/Shabba Ranks – She’s A Woman

Scritti Politti/Shabba Ranks: She’s A Woman JPN CD5 [1991] She’s A Woman She’s A Woman [The Apollo 440 Remix] She’s A Woman [The William Orbit Remix] Wood Beez [Pray Like Aretha Franklin] [Version] It had been three years since the … Continue reading

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Record Review: Blondie – Blonde And Beyond

Blondie: Blonde + Beyond US CD [1993] Underground Girl English Boys Sunday Girl (French Version) Susie And Jeffrey Shayla Denis X Offender Poets Problem Scenery Picture This Angels On The Balcony Once I Had A Love I’m Gonna Love You … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Frazier Chorus – Elaine BSOG

Frazier Chorus: Elaine 4 x CD-R [2009] DISC 1 Sloppy Heart [4AD ver.] Typical [4AD ver.] Storm [4AD ver.] Dream Kitchen [ext.] Down 40 Winks [ext.] Typical! [7”] Born With A Headache Typical! [ext. mix] Storm [live mix] Typical! [live … Continue reading

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Steel Cage Match: KMFDM vs …The Osmonds?

Until the mid 90s, I had a penchant for, shall we say, industrial rock sounds. I was such a fan of Cabaret Voltaire, who were the reason I put up with so many also ran bands. No other acts gave … Continue reading

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Song Of The Day: Robert Palmer – You Are In My System

Robert Palmer: You Are In My System US 12″ [1983] You Are In My System [12″ remix] Deadline It’s been a long time since there was a legit Song of the Day. Usually, whatever project I am working on has … Continue reading

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Record Review: Pop Will Eat Itself – Love Missile F1-11

Pop Will Eat Itself: Love Missile F1-11 UK 12″ [1987] Love Missile F1-11 Orgone Accumulator Everything That Rises Must Converge Like An Angel I think that the first time that I encountered PWEI was when I was watching Snub-TV and … Continue reading

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Record Review: Mari Wilson – Pop Deluxe [part 2]

[continued from previous post] Next, Mari’s version of “In Private” showed that there was not just 60s material in her sights. The 1990 single was from the period where Dusty Springfield was working with Pet Shop Boys, who penned this … Continue reading

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