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Want List: Adam Steiner’s “Silhouettes + Shadows” Gets One Of Bowie’s Most Fascinating Albums Under The Microscope In Upcoming Book

We all have our own personal Most Crucial David Bowie albums. I can make a cogent argument for more than half of his 1970-1980 oeuvre, but at the end of the day two albums in particular sit atop my special … Continue reading

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“The Quiet Man” Collection Of Short Stories Atomizes John Foxx’s Thematic Fascinations Into Clouds Of Prose Particles

It seemed as if I had been waiting half a lifetime for the book of short stories written by John Foxx to flesh out thematic material for his songwriting. No sooner had I become a fan in early 1981, then … Continue reading

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“That Awful Man” Robert Fripp Has Scheduled A Speaking Tour Of North America After Writing His First Book

This has been floating in the ether for a bit now but we need to address the fact that Robert Fripp has written his first book, This is a surprising fact for a man who posted his first online blog … Continue reading

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Want List: Graeme Thomson Gives Simple Minds Their Due with “Themes For Great Cities: A New History Of Simple Minds” Book

It was almost two years ago I got wind of a new Simple Minds biography from the pen of Graeme Thomson. I had heard from Ross Stapleton, the Virgin A+R genius who got the band signed for their rightful ascent … Continue reading

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Want List: Midge Ure Delivers Mystic + Soulful Photos “In A Picture Frame”

Word of this came over the transom just days after our last posting on Midge Ure’s new single and US tour. Not wanting to double dip so heedlessly, I waited until we were closer to publication day to mention the … Continue reading

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Ben Kelly + Eugene Schlumberger’s “Haçienda Landscapes” Art Book Is Crowdsourcing Now…Act Fast

Last week I received a contact form email from Darren Wall, a graphic designer who is currently art directing a book that has a lot of resonance with me. It seemed that industrial designer Ben Kelly was collaborating with photographer … Continue reading

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“Beastie Boys Book” Was An Indelible Portrait Of A NYC Era [part 3]

[…continued from last post] So while Beastie Boys managed a Hardcore 7″ to their name, they were exposed to every kind of hip music that spread in NYC clubs. Post-Punk. Technopop. The tail end of New Wave. Goth. Even rap … Continue reading

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