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…And Ye Shall Know Them By Their MULLETS II: Electric Boogaloo!!

It’s hard to believe that it was at the dawn of this blog that I first wrote about the tonsorial terror of the Mid-80s Malaise®…The Mullet! At the time, I laid the blame at the feet of David Bowie [r.i.p.] … Continue reading

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Jim Kerr Is a FUNNY Guy…

SPECIAL BONUS SATURDAY POSTING: I was halfway through this interesting interview with Jim Kerr and Goldmine editor Patrick Prince and this was so hilarious I had to share a tiny bit with everyone. Prince is talking about the generational reach … Continue reading

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Simple Minds Sidebar 1: Ranking The Cover Art [part 11]

ALBUM 19: Lostboy! A.K.A. Jim Kerr | 2010 | designer:  Curious Curious stayed on when Jim Kerr prepared his solo project from Simple Minds the very next year. The highly textured looking cover was certainly low key, with rough paper texture images … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: Simple Minds [part 60]

Lostboy! | A.K.A. Jim Kerr – 3.5 When Jim Kerr unleashed his first “solo” album, he was careful to muddy the branding waters enough to lend the work a touch of anonymity. This was not precisely a “Jim Kerr” album … Continue reading

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The Horror of Format Paralysis

When I got home from the trip to D.C. to see Simple Minds, something was gnawing at me that needed attention. Namely, when Jim Kerr surprised his fans with word of a solo album in 2010, hot on the heels … Continue reading

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REDUX: Not Bryan Ferry …But An Incredible Simulation!

November 10, 2010 In these days of a new Bryan Ferry solo opus, [“Olympia”], thoughts turn to the smaller fish that follow, like pilot fish, in the wake of the great grey whale of art that is Mister Ferry. Like … Continue reading

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Simple Minds @ 9:30 Club 10-18-13 [part 4]

After the plateau that “This Fear Of Gods” through “Love Song” delivered, it was time to come back to earth. “See The Lights” is a great choice to nudge the concert into the home stretch since their biggest US hits … Continue reading

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