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The Antipodeans Talk Icehouse, Oz Synth Rock Roots, And The Art Of The Mix

When The Antipodeans contacted me after my first post on their debut single, talk quickly went to a possible interview and I’m always looking to improve the scope of PPM and conducting interviews is a direction I’m moving in lately. … Continue reading

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Record Review: Yukihiro Takahashi – “Wild + Moody” FR CD

Yukihiro Takahashi: Wild + Moody – FR – CD [1996] Wild + Moody Stranger Things Have Happened Kill That Thermostat Helpless The Price to pay Bounds Of Reason + Love Walking To The Beat Recently, we were discussing Masami Tsuchiya’s … Continue reading

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…And Ye Shall Know Them By Their MULLETS II: Electric Boogaloo!!

It’s hard to believe that it was at the dawn of this blog that I first wrote about the tonsorial terror of the Mid-80s Malaise®…The Mullet! At the time, I laid the blame at the feet of David Bowie [r.i.p.] … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 3]

1983 brought a new Icehouse album made with the same band that had toured the previous album, which had been made without them, deep in Keith Forsey’s laboratory. After an album of glossy, synthesizer atmospherics, this one took a half … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 2]

After beginning life as Flowers in Australia, only to find a Scot band using that name in the Northern Hemisphere, the group wisely chose to take the name of their debut album, Icehouse. For the follow up, leader Iva Davies … Continue reading

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Record Review: Icehouse – DubHOUSE Live

Icehouse: DubHOUSE Live AUS CD [2014] Exodus/Great Southern Land Electric Blue/Could You Be Loved Hey, Little Girl/You Don’t Love Me [No, No, No] Icehouse Walk On The Wild Side/Heartbreak Kid Crazy No Promises Can’t Help Myself Walls Buffalo/Soldier/Street Cafe Sister … Continue reading

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Want List: Icehouse – Dubhouse

Well, this one certainly came from left field to bring a smile to my face. The love for Icehouse is well established on PPM with not only The Monk but most of the usual gang of commenters also holding a … Continue reading

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