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Rock GPA: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark [part 26]

[continued from last post] I was just ready to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in December of 1985. One of my friends I’d met in college who was also in the Graphic Design program was an interesting guy named Jim … Continue reading

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Ron Kane: 1958-2017 [part 2]

Ron was a guy I met due to the pleasures of meeting another long-standing friend of mine in 1985. Someone who did live in my city, so I quickly became fast friends with Mr. Brian Ware. Brian caught my classified … Continue reading

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Ron Kane: 1958-2017 [part 1]

Terrible news for me today. It was during lunch that I learned that Ron “The Man” Kane had died earlier this morning. I was all set to visit him for the last time tomorrow but it was not meant to … Continue reading

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First Record Show In Over Four Years Disappoints

Let’s take a break before yet more OMD posts. Other things have been happening and one of the that merited commentary was the first record show in my sleepy town in over four years. Just like the last one, this … Continue reading

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Selection Isn’t Everything!

On Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were dropping some household items off at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue that we no longer needed. After doing that, and buying a few items in their thrift store, we ambled across the street … Continue reading

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I Miss Singles

I call myself the Post-Punk Monk. Mainly due to my interest in the dramatic explosion of creativity in music during the ’78-’83 period. It’s primarily for this reason that I spend more time gazing in the rear view mirror of … Continue reading

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The Bygone Era of Mail Order Record Sales

So I’ve always been obsessed with buying the round, spinning things that sounded wonderful. The first time I went into a record store specifically to buy a record, I was seven years old. By the time I was in junior … Continue reading

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