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Record Review: John Foxx – Metamatic DLX RM [part 5]

[continued from last post] The slow Rumba beat from the CR-78 underpins “Blurred Girl.” The Theremin-like lead lines return to evoke retrograde science fiction eeriness, but the warm synth leads stand in stark opposition to this to create dissonance. Foxx’s … Continue reading

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Monastic Musings Part Four: You Can’t Go Home Again or “…Are You Finished With That Pressing Plant?”

I’m an old guy. I recall when there was a long wait to get a CD of a title I wanted due to the fact that there were only three CD pressing plants in the world int he mid-80s. All … Continue reading

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Monastic Musings Part Three: Home Streaming Is Killing Downloads or “…And CDs Are In The Hospice Stage”

I recently read an article where record label heads discussed the percentage of download codes that were actually redeemed by people who bought some of that modern vinyl that has no cachet with me. As of two years ago, the … Continue reading

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Monastic Musings Part Two: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss, or “They Found A Way To Make Vinyl Even Worse”

As The Post-Punk Monk, I remain most excited about the rare tracks by my favorite artists which languish on 35-40 year old records; never having made the leap to the CD format. Around 1990, I smelled the way the wind … Continue reading

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Monastic Musings Part One: The Great Record Store Contraction, or “It’s 2018… Do You Know Where Your CDs Are?

A few weekends ago, I had taken my wife somewhere and would need to recon with her almost two hours later. She said “why don’t you go to Harvest.” I said that I would prefer to check out the stores … Continue reading

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Record Shopping Road Trip: Atlanta, April 2018

This has been in the mental queue for over a month, and we’re finally getting around to posting on it! The last time we were in Atlanta, we did some serious shopping  at Wuxtry Decatur. By “last time” I don’t … Continue reading

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Egads! Ron Kane Now Has A Tribute Album In His Memory

Various Artists: The Record Man – A Tribute To Ron Kane  US DL/CD  [2018] Tony Backhouse, Pieter Bon, Fane Flaws, Peter Dasent, & Paul Scott: The Record Man Suely Mesquita & Marcos Kuzka Cunha: Greatest Cheeseburger Paul Scott: Unpopular Music … Continue reading

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