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Thoughts and observations about this lowdown, dirty hobby.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Music?

The Record Cell may be my sanctum sacntorum, where all of my music, books, and video discs reside; along with the computer I work on, but it was never an inviting place. Our home is small, and this was the … Continue reading

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How To Contain A Collection…

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we live in a small home. Two bedrooms, one bath. Maybe 832 square feet in the interior, once the wall volume is subtracted from the 24’x36′ footprint. Last year, we … Continue reading

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The Golden Era Of Tower Records Revisited In “All Things Must Pass” Documentary

I had probably heard about the making of this film, by Colin Hanks [scion of Tom] a few years back and my wife came to mention it to me recently as she was buying films on DVD for the library … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2021 – Drop 2: “They Keep Pulling Me Back In!”

We have looked askance at the feeding frenzy by design which was the thrust of RSD by a few years after its origins. For me, most everything I wanted was in the UK edition in any case, so it was … Continue reading

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REDUX: The Horror of Format Paralysis

November 18, 2013 When I got home from the trip to D.C. to see Simple Minds, something was gnawing at me that needed attention. Namely, when Jim Kerr surprised his fans with word of a solo album in 2010, hot … Continue reading

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Gott Im Himmel! East-West Records Is Still Open In Orlando, Florida…50 YEARS LATER

I got off on a tangent the other day when discussing how I bought “Nightclubbing” by Grace Jones from a K-Mart record nook [not quite a store] back in the days when I biked to local shops to spend my … Continue reading

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Building A Perfect Vicious Pink Phenomena Collection

The post before last, I mentioned how Data reminded me of Vicious Pink Phenomena. And that got the old mental wheels turning. This morning I had to dig out the 2012 Cherry Pop Vicious Pink CD I thankfully bought pretty … Continue reading

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