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Visage Go Out Guns Blazing

It’s been common knowledge that Visage have a new greatest hits album coming out on December 9th. It’s called “Wild Life” and is of some interest to the Visage collector, as well as the public at large. While there are … Continue reading

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Raiding The “Ice Box” – Planning An Icehouse BSOG [part 1]

Yesterday we skirted the edge of the phenomenon of bands I deeply love and collect but have not yet compiled a BSOG for. Ultravox were the elephant in the room, but as I mentioned, most of their rarity output can … Continue reading

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When To Compile…Or Not? A Monk’s Dilemma

First and foremost, it’s my job, as the Post-Punk Monk to compile boxed sets of god®. The engine that drives my music loving, record collecting, and graphic design passion is in making vast boxed sets of non-LP material by my … Continue reading

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BSOG® Meltdown: Dead Or Alive Make Erasure Look Like Misers With 19 Disc Box!

Yumpin’ Yimminy!! Just yesterday we were musing over the upcoming Erasure über DLX boxed set of god® which sported 12 CDs and a DVD, and just hours later, commenter tim alerted me to the boxed set that Dead Or Alive … Continue reading

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BSOG® Shock! Erasure Release Own Boxed Set Of God® Without Monk Involvement!

Erasure are celebrating 30 years of pop success with the king of BSOG that usually only comes from within the depths of my Record Cell; twelve CDs of material, curated nine ways to Sunday, and a copy of the “Wild!” live … Continue reading

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It’s Spring And Mari Wilson Is Popping Up Everywhere

Any regulars at PPM might have remembered the post that I made last year outlining my hyper-deluxe “Showpeople – Footlights edition” BSOG® that I had made years ago in 2008. As a sop to several readers clamoring for their own … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: Simple Minds [part 51]

After the arrival home, my Simple Minds batteries were at full charge. It was time for a new monastic focus in my life, to better assuage the anxiety-provoking permanent job search mode that I existed in. I believe it was … Continue reading

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