Want List: Building That Pete Shelley Rarities Disc

pete shelley monktone
Pete Shelley ca. 1982 in that printed circuit shirt

I’ve been steadily building up the Pete Shelley collection for 41 years now! Even before his death in 2018, I was hoping that I’d soon have the pieces to compile a REVO collection of his rarities. I think I’m about 70% the way there. I have a lot of material, including 12″ singles that I liberated from the collection of The RAHB™ with the express intent of using them to make such a CD project…only to forget over the long years that I was holding copies of “No One Like You,” Never Again,” and “Waiting For Love.” So I bought those anyway! [memo to self: give The RABH’s™ copies back to him the next time I see him…]

One of the dangers of Discogs is that one can find obscure tributaries of an artist’s oeuvre that remain secrets even after decades. Such as the “Homosapien II” single which came out in 1989, and with chart ribbing at its apex, required us to buy all three formats to get every mix. I never saw this in 1989 even in the stores that should have been stocking it on import. And there are things I’m just not sure about.

Homosapien UK 12″

Island Records – 12WIP 6720

  1. Homosapien (Dance Version) 4:16
  2. Homosapien (Elongated Dancepartydubmix) 8:42

Like the “Dance Version” at 4:16 of “Homosapien” from the UK 12″ single. I have it, but I’ve never played it; assuming it to be the same track as on the album of the same name.

I Don’t Know What It Is UK 2×7″

Island Records – UWIP 6740

  1. I Don’t Know What It Is 3:34
  2. Witness The Change 4:42
  3. In Love With Somebody Else 3:01
  4. Maxine 3:36

I Don’t Know What It Is UK 12″

Island Records – 12 WIP 6740

  1. I Don’t Know What It Is (Remixed Version) 3:35
  2. Witness The Change / I Don’t Know What It Is (Instrumental Version) 8:16

What I need to know is if the 12″ and 7″ A-side mixes of this single are the same.

Qu’est-Ce Que C’est Que Ça UK Flexi [New Sounds-New Styles]

  1. Pete Shelley: Qu’est-Ce Que C’est Que Ça (Dub Mix) 5:42
  2. Animal Magnet: Amor (nsnS Mix) incl. Interview 5:49

I managed to find this after it was released, in the used bins!

Trevor Jackson: Metal Dance

Strut – STRUT091CD

Witness The Change (Dub Version) 5:14

I suspect this is an edit from the 12″ mixed dub mixes.

pete shelley - no one like you cover art

No One Like You UK 12″

Genetic Records – 12XS2

  1. (Millions Of People) No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No) 8:30
  2. (Millions Of People) No One Like You / If You Ask Me (I Won’t Say No) (Dub Mix) 6:38

Telephone Operator US 12″

Arista – CP 730

  1. Telephone Operator 3:15
  2. Many A Time (Extended Dance Version) 6:42
  3. Many A Telephone Operator (Scratch Banded) 12:42

I seem to remember the “Many A Time” LP cut as being this long, but Discogs says otherwise.

pete shelley - never again UK 12" sleeve

Never Again UK 7″

Immaculate Records – IMMAC 1

  1. Never Again 3:43
  2. One One One 3:07

The 7″ mixes are needed.

pete shelley - never again UK 12" sleeve

Never Again UK 12″

Immaculate Records – 12IMMAC 1

  1. Never Again (Extended Version) 6:19
  2. Give It To Me 5:30
  3. One One One (Extended Version) 8:15

Strange that “Give It To Me” only appeared on the 12″ single. Back when you might get two non-LP B-sides.

Waiting For Love Immaculate UK 12″

Immaculate Records – 12 IMMAC 4

  1. Waiting For Love (Immaculate Mix One) 7:17
  2. Waiting For Love [7″ ver.] 3:47
  3. Designer Lamps 4:05

I had no idea of this earlier 12″ release with a unique mix.

pete shelley - waitiing for love cover art

Waiting For Love Mercury UK 12″

Mercury Records – MERX 215

  1. Waiting For Love (Ext. ver.) 6:59
  2. Waiting For Love [7″ ver.] 3:47
  3. Designer Lamps 4:05

On Your Own US 7″

Mercury – 884-751-7

  1. On Your Own 3:46
  2. Please Forgive Me…But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer 2:34

The 7″ B-side edit was a fraction of the 12″ version. An edit or something more” It’s easy enough to find out with a US 7″ cheaply acquired.

On Your Own US 12″

Mercury – 884 751-1

  1. On Your Own (New York Remix) 5:24
  2. On Your Own (New York Dub) 5:35
  3. Please Forgive Me… But I Cannot Endure It Any Longer (Extended Version) 7:55

Blue Eyes UK 12″

Mercury – MERX 225

  1. Blue Eyes (Extended) 6:55
  2. Nelson’s Riddle 12:48

The 7″ version of this single has “Nelson’s Riddle [Excerpt],” leading me to believe that it’s just that, and redundant except for the most exacting of curators. Hardly my pragmatic profile!

pete shelley i surrender cover art

I Surrender UK 12″

Mercury – MERX 234

  1. I Surrender (U.S. Remix Vers.) 5:32
  2. I Surrender (Dub Vers.) 4:53
  3. Need A Minit 2:51

I wonder if the B-side is any different from the similarly timed LP mix?

some kind of wonderful cover art

Various: Some Kind Of Wonderful US CD

MCA Records – MCAD 6200

Do Anything 3:38

Various: Til’ Things Are Brighter UK CD

Red Rhino Records – REDCD 88

Straight ‘A’s In Love 1:45

Homosapien II UK 7″

Immaculate Records – IMMAC 11

  1. Homosapien II 5:02
  2. Homosapien II (instrumental)

This single was actually a collaboration with Power, Wonder + Love, a UK House/Techno concern I was unaware of.

Homosapien II UK 12″

Immaculate Records – 12 IMMAC 11

  1. Homosapien II (Icon Mix) 6:19
  2. Homosapien II (Techno Mix) 6:08

Homosapien II UK CD-3″

Immaculate Records – IMMAC 11CD

  1. Homosapien II 5:02
  2. Homosapien II (Radio Edit) 3:34
  3. Homosapien II (Icon Mix) 6:16
  4. Homosapien II (Shower Mix) 6:17

Various: Step Right Up – The Songs Of Tom Waits

Manifesto – PT3 41101-2

Better Off Without A Wife 3:37

This is actually available on iTunes!

A1 People + Pete Shelley UK 7″

Hydrogen Dukebox – DUKE 153


Yet another “Homosapien” mashup version.

Various: Mojo – A Tribute To Yellow Submarine UK CD

Mojo Magazine – July 2012

Think For Yourself 2:35

The latest Shelley solo track I can find is from this Mojo cover CD. The last 25 years saw Pete back in the fold with Buzzcocks; mitigating any solo rarities, for the most part.

The tracks in red are the ones that are earmarked for inclusion. Those in bold are still needed, so join me in another 13 years when we can hopefully discuss the making of the mooted CD.


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4 Responses to Want List: Building That Pete Shelley Rarities Disc

  1. I had no idea! At last, a reason to carry on living until this BSOG appears!


  2. Nick says:

    You do have a knack of putting ideas in my head! I had to get the cd version of the Homosapien album, forgotten how much I loved Witness The Change even though I don’t have as much Shelley as you are needing!
    I do have a white label of the Homosapien II 12inch which at the time I thought was utter dross, but over the years it’s kinda warmed to ne


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Nick – The Curator’s Sickness within me [a logical function of The Collector’s Sickness] demands that I investigate the troubling idea of a Post-Modern version of the classic “Homosapien.” At the potential worst, it IS another Malcolm Garrett cover design in the Record Cell!


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