Want List: Electronic Sounds #101 Offers The Blue Hit Of Space With Martyn Ware 7″

electronic sounds 101 BEF
Is it time for another must-have issue of Electronic Sounds already?! The BEF cover hints…“yes!”

Gloryoski! It seems like we just ordered our semi-annual issue of the generally delightful Electronic Sound magazine. In fact, we’ve not yet found the time to actually read the issue! Though we have listened to the CDs and need to review them soon [memo to self…]. The email arrived from ESHQ while we were in the midst of the Jerry Harrison thread, and I was loathe to interrupt that one and another came today, so I get the hint! If the bundle is still available, then we should be talking about this! Oftentimes, the bundle with exclusive 7″ sells can sell out within hours of announcement, so I had not yet looked into it, but the cover of issue #101 doesn’t feature Depeche Mode, but our heroes in the British Electric Foundation instead. Huzzah!

With Martyn Ware’s autobiography out last summer and the BE.F.’s zippy “Music For Stowaways” being reissued on CD/LP last month, it feels like we’re entering the Martyn Ware Event Horizon™ with the latest Electronic Sound diving deep into the transitional period between the Human League and Heaven 17 where he and his partner in synths Ian Craig Marsh formed the production company British Electric Foundation. And as if that weren’t enough, the issue also comes with a bundle featuring a blue vinyl 7″ with two previously unreleased Ware cuts from his Illustrious partnership with Vince Clarke as listed below.

  • Unknowable
  • I Am An Insect

And fans of the Electronically Yours podcast that Ware normally hosts will want to not miss the current edition where Electronic Sound editor Mark Roland switches roles and is the host interviewing Ware …on his own podcast.

Of course, the magazine is a fine read when you’re done with the 7″ singles. This issue has some features of note, like interviews with Sparks, Nick Rhodes, and Anne Clark [!]. As well as a look at Ryuichi Sakamoto’s prodigious career following his recent demise. The bundle with 7″ is the usual £13.99. If you’re in The States like me, then you’re used to the £10.99 postage costs, but they always arrive safe and sound. About $30.00, American. I can only imagine what a subscription to America would cost but I try to nab a couple of issues a year that I can’t say no to. If it also calls to you, then DJ hit that button.

post-punk monk buy button


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6 Responses to Want List: Electronic Sounds #101 Offers The Blue Hit Of Space With Martyn Ware 7″

  1. Have you been tracking the CD and vinyl reissue of Music for Stowaways? So far the vinyl is up to black, yellow and blue pressings :-0


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Dave Richards – Not really, but the high demand for this release warms the cockles of my heart! I just hope that I can find the cash to buy one. For reasons which I’ll discuss tomorrow.


  2. Big Mark says:

    I have ordered this current issue — two in a row, wow, unprecedented! Not so much for the Martyn Ware (though I did pop for the mag + 45) but primarily for the Ryuichi Sakamoto feature, with Sparks and Anne Clark also a draw for me.

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