Collecting Lene Lovich Marginalia [part 2]

Lene Lovich in a bathtub…fully clothed!

[…continued from last post]

So yesterday, we were discussing all of the loose appearances of Lene Lovich from the point of her own fame moving forward. We left off at 1989 and things were actually going to heat up during the wilderness period in her own career, which had a long break from her “March” album in 1988 until “Shadows + Dust” happened in 2006.


Pete Hammill: The Fall Of The House Of Usher • Some Bizzarre | UK | CD | 1991 | SBZ-CD 007

Holy mackerel! Van Der Graaf Generator Pete Hammill made a solo album that adapted Poe’s poem musically with Lene singing the role of Lady Usher. You might think “Prog!” But check out the label for this one! Her fellow vocalists were Andy Bell and Sarah Jane Morris!


Taxi Val Mentek: I Sleep On Your Tongue • Pointy Bird Music | UK | CD | 1994 | Pointy 001

Taxi Val Mentek? “I Sleep On Your Tongue??!” Has anyone heard this…fundamentally odd release? Lene sings lead vocals on “We Fly high” and is the only vocalist listed in the credits.


Latz: The Wicked Witch • Angry Fish Music |Germany | 10″ | 2000 | AFM 010

This is a song that would show up on her 2006 “Shadows + Dust” album in perhaps an earlier guise, under the name…Latz. The B-side is “Home [album version] which is the old Lovich chestnut.


Hawkwind: Take Me To Your Leader • Hawkwind Records | UK | CD + DVD | 2005 | HAWKVP35CDSE

She’s sang in the 80s with Lemmy and years later Lene joined Hawkwind to sing “Angela Android” on their 2005 opus. Lemmy also showed up to sing on a liver version of “Silver Machine” on the accompanying DVD.


Thorne: Sprawl • Stereo Society | US | CD | 2005 | SS003

Thorne is better known as producer Mike Thorne, whom you all surely have some albums he was responsible for in your own collections. At the time he was producing the [supa-fine] last Lene Lovich album, “Shadows + Dust,” and en ran the Stereo Society label. Putting out his own project where Lene sang on most of the tracks in some capacity, with her own “Natural Beauty” getting covered.


Thorne Presents: The Contessa’s Party • Stereo Society | US | CD | 2005 | SS009

Mike Thorne also produced this sprawling effort with the band Betty and once again Lene sings vocalese on several of the tracks. When I look at the credits, I’m surprised that I’m not on there too! What was in the water in 2005? Lene was releasing her own album yet found plenty of time for other projects.


Judge Smith: Orfeas • Masters Of Art | UK | CD | 2011 | MASTER106

Chris Judge-Smith [a.k.a. Judge Smith] is a songwriter who founded Van Der Graaf Generator and had provided a couple of early classic for Lene Lovich to sing on her first two albums; “What Will I Do Without You” and “You Can’t Kill Me.” Lene sings the role of Eyrudice here in this musical retelling of the Greek tale.


Judge Smith: Zoot Suit • Masters Of Art | UK | CD | 2013 | MASTER107

Lene popped up on Judge Smith’s next album, singing a duet with Smith on “Weird Beard.” I do love that cover.


Mr. Averell: Gridlock • Equally Tuned « UK | CD | 2013 | ET20130101

Never heard of this guy, but Judge Smith plays euphonium and roped in Lene to sing “vocals and vocal effects.” Whatever that means. The titular Mr. Averell played almost everything else… save for the grand piano by… Mike Garson!


Lene Lovich Band: Savages II • self release | DL | 2019

Lene Lovich came out of hiding about a decade ago with a new live band [but no evidence of longtime partner Les Chappell] and they released a DL of their version of “Savages” that your guess is as good as mine to figure out how to buy!


Morgan King: Old Skin • Accidental Music « UK | CD | 2019 | ACC58-CD

I don’t know this Morgan King, but he sings the song “Retrospective” as a duet with Lene.


Judge Smith: The Solar Heresies And The Lunar Sequence Masters of Art | UK | DL | 2020 | MASTER114

More Judge Smith? More Lene Lovich! This time Lene sings on the second half of the album; its “lunar sequence.”

So that’s all there is that’s out there, according to the oracle that is Discogs. Plenty to chew on while we realize that it’s been 16 years since the last Lene Lovich album! But if “Shadows + Dust” proves to be her last opus, then at least it was a high point to go out on! Did I ever review “Shadows + Dust?” No! That’s right! I was waiting to one day do a Lene Lovich Rock G.P.A.!! Once I make a REVO CD the first version of “Stateless” I think that will be possible.


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  1. Ach Mein Gott! This was epic. And I learned A LOT


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