Simple Minds Book; “Heart of the Crowd” Pre-Launches With Details

simple minds hert aof the crowd ltd ed book

The limited edition comes with the requisite …stuff

Well, after the initial hubbub, the storyline on the new book about Simple Minds went quiet, as did almost everything in the band’s universe under the pandemic. When we first discussed the book, it was called “Book of Brilliant Things” but I’m guessing Jim Kerr realized he should call his autobio that instead, so it’s now picked up a title inspired by Magazine; the band’s biggest contemporary influence.

And the thrust of it has also apparently shifted since I was sending the editor, Richard Houghton, my submission this summer of how I came to first hear the band; which was the initial brief. But judging from the email I just received from This Day In Music Books; the publisher, it looks like the scope of the book shifted from how we discovered Simple Minds to the band’s wider impact on their fans. In short, very much like the insider/outsider history of Simple Minds like the publisher’s [excellent] book on OMD. But I missed out on the point where the book refocused, and thus missed out on giving up some more Simple Minds stories. A pity, since the 2002 and 2013 shows were powerful experiences for me. And if you know PPM, I can certainly talk about Simple Minds all day long.

At least now the book is going to press and will be available in a hardcover and limited edition boxed version; like so many books we see today. The hardcover is hefty; 572 pages and it will be published on December 5th, 2020. The price for the hardcover is £45.00/$58.00 and I’ll have one of those in my sights, for certain. As I said, the OMD volume was immensely readable, and a treat for this fan. I expect no less from this one. The limited edition is the deluxe model. It ships for £85.00/$110.00 and has the following bonus tracks:

  • Limited Edition Certificate of authenticity each numbered from 1 -1000
  • Two rare early black and white photos, signed personally by Jim and Charlie
  • A plectrum [a.k.a. a guitar pick to Americans] made for Charlie for the 2020 tour
  • Simple Minds 40 Hits tour VIP pass with lanyard
  • Simple Minds 2020 fridge magnet
  • Sticker Sheet with 24 badges
  • Replica Saturday Night Live Simple Minds ticket from 1985
  • Replica Simple Minds BBC Radio In Concert ticket from 1979
  • Replica Mars Bar Club flyer from 1977
  • All presented in a box with artwork

All very detailed, but I only have room in my house [and budget] for the basic model. If a thick and zesty history of Simple Minds also has your name on it, then by all means click the button below and snag a copy for your own music library. There are only a thousand deluxe editions so act fast on that if you need one.

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9 Responses to Simple Minds Book; “Heart of the Crowd” Pre-Launches With Details

  1. It’s a pity your submission (may?) not have been used in the final book; I hope the editor will keep you in mind for future projects, and of course you have already waxed rhapsodic on the SM shows here, so we lucky readers got to enjoy some insights the hoi polloi buying the book won’t! HA!


  2. negative1ne says:

    Hi Mr. Monk,
    As a huge Simple Minds fan, I might get this some day.
    But I would prefer a straight biography or something else.
    Fan stories don’t excite me, I have one for Duran Duran,
    and it was very boring, except for the pictures.


  3. I know you’re a fan and some good articles on them previously. Impressive package this. Absolutely love this band but not sure I’d fork out for this magnificent set. Think I’ll play Empires and Dance though….


  4. negative1ne says:

    Hi Mr. Monk,

    apparently the book is out now, and people have been enjoying it.
    I guess if you’re in it. that would be kind of nice.



    • postpunkmonk says:

      negative1ne – I got my copy in December. It’s currently my reading and will get a review when I’m done. But it’s thick [and heavy!]. I don’t think I’m in this one, but the focus of it changed months after I sent in my submission and no one told me. Oh well. It would have been a kick but that’s not why I bought one.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. negative1ne says:

    mr monk,
    cool, look forward to your initial impressions. i’ve been getting more photo books lately, like the early simple minds years, and maybe even this one about early duran duran :
    cherrylipstick site -> in-discord-and-rhyme-unseen-duran-1981



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