The Shriekback Wheels Keep Spinning With Two More Releases

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Jumpin Jiminy! It was only three months ago when a brace of Shriekback projects [all downloads] were offered up in their webstore. Our attentions turn elsewhere, but not for long! The productive trio have two more albums with some physical product happening among the ones and zeroes.

Shriekback | DL | 2020

Shriekback: Shriekback Are Seeing Other People – UK – DL [2020]

  1. Bone Marauder Coming
  2. Golden Moon
  3. Longest Goodbye
  4. The Lake
  5. The Selkie
  6. Drop by Drop
  7. Flying Saucer
  8. Sandlines
  9. Pilgrim’s Way
  10. Frances & Martine part 1 (Glow, Goose, Corn-Remover)
  11. Frances & Martine part 2 (Coat, Arm, Knob of Butter)
  12. Words Fail Me
  13. Ying Tong Song
  14. Queen of Peoples’ Hearts (original)
  15. Queen of Peoples’ Hearts (guitar)
  16. Crazy Dames
  17. You’re the Only One
  18. The Girlfriends of Dorian Grey
  19. JuJu Grid (Go Live)
  20. Boola Stack
  21. No Fool Boletus

First up is a thematically coherent compilation of songs that Carl Marsh, Martyn Barker, and Barry Andrews have recorded with other musicians entirely. So it’s not really a “Shriekback” release. In some ways, it’s sort of like the “Ramones Family Tree” album what rounded up many tracks with Ramones that were on albums other than those of Ramones. Or, in other words, do you get behind on collecting other releases that your faves play on for “the collection?” Then this handy DL rounds up quite a lot  of material that might not be in your telescope. We have quite a bit on pastoral and acoustic excursions by Mr. Barker that all gel nicely; both with and without lead vocals.

Much of Carl Marsh’s material comes from his [excellent] Happyhead period so these tended to be pop material with vocals. The song “The Girlfriends Of Dorian Grey” was particularly adroit! You might want to buy that one if nothing else moves you as Shriekback offer the whole package for a scant £7.00 but allow for individual songs at £0.99/each should you deem just a few as necessary.

Finally, Mr. Andrews has all of his collaboration with Mike Tournier [of Fluke] as Anaxaton6 and this would appeal to any fans of either gent. Mr. A has invested the tunes with his distinct lyrical bent but the other material he presented here was worlds away from Shriektown. Two tracks were recorded with Hilda Sheehan reading her spoken word poetry with his accompaniment. So it’s all pretty diverse, and puts many projects into a gumbo of a DL that covers much territory inexpensively.

Shriekback | UK | CD | 2020 | SHRIEK021CD

Shriekback: Clink Jam – UK – CD [2020]

  1. Gurt Thrash
  2. Holler
  3. Notoriety
  4. Wurly Vigour
  5. Sexthinktwo & Friend
  6. Fascinating
  7. Discordian Sock
  8. Akoo
  9. Akoo2
  10. Roiling Back 1 & 2

Meanwhile, rehearsal jams from deep within the catacombs of a rehearsal room near London Bridge ca. 1983, we have the original 4-man Shriekback lineup laying down vibe to one day become song. The rhythm section predominate the music at this stage, and fans of Dave Allen can sate their jones with this wild + woolly piece of scruff. There’s the odd caterwauled expression vocal here, but these recordings are out of the oven still hot. Don’t burn your palate! Personally, I can’t see listening to any band’s rehearsal jams [though there’s a whole CD of them in the upcoming “Vienna” Ultrabox…gulp] but if this intrigues you, don’t let me stop you. Available on CD for £10.00 and DL at £7.00.

shriekback waiting at the wire cover art

Shriekback | UK | 12″ | 2020

Shriekback: Waiting At the Wire – UK – 10″ + DL [2020]

  1. Waiting At the Wire
  2. White Out 12″ mix
  3. All Boxes Ticked
  4. Hasselbag

Finally, there was now a physical manifestation of the “Waiting At the Wire” material on limited 10″ single, with the four tracks making up a 10″ EP with the full package included with purchase as a DL. The 10″ was £20.00 but in five days since receiving the notice from the mailing list, it’s already sold out! I’ve let you down. But for the analog focused, word has it a cassette will be soon forthcoming as the roulette wheel of physical formats spins furiously in these, The End Times. As always, sample the full tracks and cherry pick tuneage or buy indiscriminately at the button below. I’m behind on my Shriekback buying but hope to make an order at some point this year. It’s so hard to keep up with anything in a pandemic.

post-punk monk buy button

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10 Responses to The Shriekback Wheels Keep Spinning With Two More Releases

  1. Christopher Merritt says:

    The 10″ vinyl actually sold out within a few hours of the email going out, and I had to beg via private message to get one! Fingers crossed mine comes through…


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Christopher Merritt – Just hours, eh? Well, don’t underestimate the power of a 10″ single! They always seemed “special” to me and I treasure all that are in my Record Cell. But right now I wouldn’t have had the scratch for it in any case.

      Liked by 1 person

    • slur says:

      Yes, I noticed it too. Seen it in the afternoon and in the evening they where gone. Well, actually only 50 lathe cuts where made. At least the tracks are still available otherwise.


      • postpunkmonk says:

        slur – Lathe cuts??! I draw the line there! Lathe cuts are the CD-Rs of vinyl!


        • slur says:

          @ monk, yes indeed – see for more tapes & lathe cut issues of bands of old..
          @ McBoing-Boing is this really all there is or just a selection ? Only have the Fluke Album BA contributed to.


          • Gerald McBoing-Boing says:

            Yeah, he released it as a digital download at the time, too. I’m not famliar with the Fluke album, do you recommend it?


            • slur says:

              Indeed, if you like Shriekback’s more electronica side too you should give it a repeated listen. The mood is in general very distant, no happy upbeat but well balanced to distance it from ambient / chill out. Martyn Barker is responsible for Percussion too, the whole Album is co-writen with BA. Somehow this could have been the lost follow up to Sacred City if Barry would’ve put his voice and lyrics on.
              Far more enjoyable then the Adamson / Barker / Patridge Session in terms of side projects and not really rare or expensive getting hold of it – at least on CD.


  2. Gerald McBoing-Boing says:

    Anaxaton6 is one of the best things Baz’s done in the past decade, wish there was more!


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