The Ultimate ZTT Fetish Object?

FGTH - inside the pleasuredome

ZTT pull out the stops to crowd fund the ultimate ‘Pleasuredome’

Savvy readers of comment threads for ages old postings may have noticed a dialogue between Tim and myself regarding this recent Pledge Music crowd fund project for what may the ultimate ZTT fetish object; “Inside The Pleasuredome.” ZTT have cranked up the record geek wish fulfillment factor by using a crowd funding model to effectively do two things. One, release a version of “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” that makes of its 30th anniversary an occasion where the reality of the release actually managed to reach the level of obsession that typical only über-fans have in their fever dreams. And two, they managed to do it at a price that shames boutiques like The Vinyl Factory. That’s not to say that it’s cheap.

Make no mistake about it, Making objects like this is why I’m the Post-Punk Monk. I love making super elaborate collections that no label in their right mind would/could/should attempt. But I can only make CDs. I don’t have a vinyl pressing plant at my disposal! This Box Set Of God® has the goods. In spades. The box has ten components, with five of them being exclusive to the full Monty box itself. Here’s what your pledge of £122 gets the well-heeled pledger.

  1. Come Inside – A flip book animation of Lo Cole’s artwork [exclusive]
  2. Tumbometer Nine – An info sheet detailing the sources of everything in this box, with a full listing of the ZTT Element Series – past|present|future [exclusive]
  3. “And Suddenly There Came A Zang!” – 48 pp. Hardback book examining the art of “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” [exclusive]
  4. “Brothers and Sisters” – DVD with videos of all of the singles plus 5.1 surround mixes of  singles and album tracks. Yes, ZTT in 5.1! Dual sided disc – PAL/NTSC region 0 [exclusive]
  5. “Voiceless, Volume 1” – The Instrumentals. A five track digital EP with previously unreleased instrumental versions of 7” and 12” mixes. [pledger excessive]
  6. “Cowboys and Indians” – Four tracks focused on “Two Tribes” with two unreleased takes on a 10″ EP in a die-cut sleeve.
  7. “Lovers + Haters” – Another 10″ with four unreleased demos; two each of “Relax” and “The Only Star In Heaven.” Die-cut sleeve, natch.
  8. “Doctors + Nurses” – A 10″ EP of remixes with the third 12″ mix of “War” and an alternate 12″ mix of “Welcome To The Pleasuredome;” both previously unreleased in that die-cut sleevage.
  9. “Suck It Up – The Relax Cassette” – A C-90 with 13 mixes of “Relax” including five previously unreleased versions.
  10. “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” – The debut album remastered on 180g vinyl by Horn himself and his current Theam.

The last five items will be available separately, as pledges, for those who like to travel light, but seriously, any ZTT fan worth their salt wants the whole enchilada. And therein the story gets harsh. Collector-fans who live in America, Canada, and Japan are not able to pony up their $200+ to pledge for this puppy due to the unfortunate bugbear of “licensing issues.” You, I and the lamppost know what that means. It’s the aftermarket for those like us, and if you think $205.08 [May 28, 2014] is costly, then you haven’t seen e-bay lately.

Another downside, is that this is a thoroughly modern package; meaning no CDs. Sure, sure. There will be downloads of the entire package, but no one is talking about the formats or bitrates just yet.  So on the whole, while the lavish care and attention put into this by the minds of ZTT points to a win, the details conspire to stay my hand in more ways than one. First of all, even if I wanted to drop 200 clams on this, technically… I can’t. Outside of finding a proxy buyer for me overseas. While I appreciate that ZTT is using crowdsourcing to keep the price lower than comparable Vinyl Factory releases, it’s still a huge chunk of change. I appreciate the though that went into this, but my ZTT want list has other, more easily obtainable items that I could do some serious damage to with a pair of Benjamins. So I’m sitting this one out, but to any and all interested, there are currently 58 days left to pledge and the campaign sits at 68% of goal in just a week gone by. Buy what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

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6 Responses to The Ultimate ZTT Fetish Object?

  1. johnnydark says:

    Interesting to see. I can do a lot more good buying original ZTT issues with $200 than I can for this… and I really like Welcome to the Pleasuredome. I was fortunate to have largely missed the hysteria that accompanied the original release when it came out as I was an exchange student in Yugoslavia, and it wasn’t that big there. That meant that by the time I picked up a used copy I was able to enjoy it on its own merits – of which there are many. But while I would probably pay $50 or $80 for it, I just can’t justify the price…


  2. Echorich says:

    I’d say this one is about $75 outside my comfort zone. Fact is I need a turntable upgrade more than new music to play on it. Knowing me I would never actually play the vinyl as I would have the digitals to throw on the iphone, ipad, and mac. Something tells me that Trevor and the other powers that be at ZTT will find a way of getting much of this a wider release if I wait. By the way, I am still staring at my RSD ZTT Boxed Singles – The Re-Organization of Pop since I purchased it. Really need that new turntable…


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – I needed a new stylus from January 2012 through this Spring, when I could finally play many new vinyl only releases!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Well, the meat of it will be available separately as pledges and if the basic box tracks show up as a DL bundle in itunes, don’t be shocked. Have you seen what ZTT has made available there? Virtually everything!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – That 7″ box was only in my sights [briefly] due to the inclusion of Act’s über-elusive “Chance” 7.” Are the sleeves like the originals or different for the reissue?


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