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Superproducer Trevor Horn Recounts “Adventures In Modern Recording” In His Autobiography

I’m not sure that I ever mentioned this one here, but this might have been a case where my wife saw the book was out and ordered it for the library where she works. Due to a shipping snafu, she … Continue reading

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Record Store Day 2022 Dangles Monkbait…I May Have To Act [part 1]

Ah yes. Record Store Day. That fake holiday that doesn’t give, but instead, takes. It’s coming again this year, and pandemic be damned, they are going ahead with the traditional April 23rd time frame. None of the periodic “drops” throughout … Continue reading

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The Ultimate ZTT Fetish Object?

Savvy readers of comment threads for ages old postings may have noticed a dialogue between Tim and myself regarding this recent Pledge Music crowd fund project for what may the ultimate ZTT fetish object; “Inside The Pleasuredome.” ZTT have cranked up … Continue reading

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Finest Remixes [part 8]

Well, this thread, though popular, has not been working out for me. Unless I have a mix on a CD I can put my hands on, then my failing memory is surely missing out on dozens of crucial records that … Continue reading

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Relax – The 30th Anniversary Edition

Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Relax 30th Anniversary Edition UK 12″ [2014] Relax [sex mix edition 3] – 8:10 Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey – 4:08 Relax [the instrumental] – 4:35 It’s getting so you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting … Continue reading

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What Th’…! A Record Show Snuck Into Town!!

Since The Monk is on a low budget, the sudden appearance of news on the local freekly website of a record show on Saturday, February 16, 2013 was like being blindsided by a meteorite. I keep my nose close to … Continue reading

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Now With TWICE The Sex

Back in August, ZTT/Salvo announced the release of a 2xCD of Frankie Goes To Hollywood mixes, largely from cassette called “Sex Mix.” Reader opinion was sharply divided on the merits of this release due to the fact that ZTT admitted … Continue reading

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