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Steven Jones + Logan Sky Prep Newest Synth EP For Flight [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] The B-side of the tape had the duo veering away from the eclectic pop focus of the first side. Like Bowie’s “Low,” this was a program of two halves and the hints of imperial period Depeche Mode … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two ‘Speak + Spells’

By the Fall of 1981, I’d begun to get wind of Depeche Mode, whose album, “Speak + Spell” was being released on Sire Records. Being that I was enamored of all things synthesized, I was probably the target audience for … Continue reading

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Record Review: Razormaid 3rd Anniversary Issue

Various: Razormaid 3rd Anniversary Issue US 2×12″ [1987] Ultravox: White China Telex: L’amour Toujours Melon: Serious Japan Depeche Mode: Strangelove Propaganda: Dr. Mabuse Cabaret Voltaire: Sensoria Tapps: Don’t Pretend To Know Until December: We Are The Boys Last weekend we … Continue reading

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Scarcity vs. Ubiquity: The Rise And Fall Of Synthpop [part 5]

By 1981, with The Human League transitioning to a completely different type of synthpop band, the UK charts began to get crowded with synthesizers as the goldrush to capitalize on the beachhead that Gary Numan established in 1979 led to … Continue reading

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Simple Minds Sidebar 1: Ranking The Cover Art [part 13]

ALBUM 21: Big Music | 2014 | designer: Peacock When Simple Minds dropped the first preview images of their latest album, “Big Music,” many could not help but think of Depeche Mode’s iconic cover to their album “Music For The Masses.” … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Depeche Mode – Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead

August 23, 2012 Various Artists: Flexipop #11 UK Flexidisc [1981] Depeche Mode: Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead [ver. 2] Fad Gadget: King Of The Flies [remix] I remember hearing about Depeche Mode by the Fall of 1981. Synthesizer music … Continue reading

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Steel Cage Match: Johnny Cash VS Depeche Mode

Right now I am reading “Johnny Cash: The Life,” by Robert Hilburn and I am almost done with it, so it’s covering the albums he recorded with Rick Rubin. I only have “American Recordings,” so when I read that he … Continue reading

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