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Catching Up With Jan Linton: “Melatonin” EP And “Byzantine Remixes” Showcase Point Where Dance And Art Rock Meld Together

While Jan Linton contributed guitar atmospherics on the new Steven Jones + Logan Sky single, Mr. Sky returned the favor and mastered the new Jan Linton single. Symmetrical. I got the notice recently that Mr. Linton had issued a new … Continue reading

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Steven Jones + Logan Sky Drop “Summer Herz;” New Single With New Wrinkles

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Summer Herz – UK – DL [2022] Summer Herz The Last Man In Europe Summer Herz [Berlin ’22] Has it really been a year since “European Lovers,” the stunning 2021 release by Steven Jones + … Continue reading

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They Take Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot: The Troubling Sale of Bandcamp to Epic Games

The Growth Of Bandcamp I have been a Bandcamp buyer for over a decade. While DL music was not always my cup of tea, the fact remains that there are now many things I might want to own that will … Continue reading

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Synth-Punk Trio Head Noise Grows Transformative 4th member On New EP “Consequential Quasars”

Head Noise: Consequential Quasars – UK – DL/CD [2021] Alaska Later Cubist Ballet 1917 Drift Quetzalcoatl’s Axolotl Tracey Emin When we last left Head Noise, they had released their debut album, “Uber-Fantastique” in 2019 to round acclaim. There was a … Continue reading

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