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Just Three Weeks Later Fluid Japan Serve A Fourth Sophisticated Single: “You Shut Down”

Fluid Japan: You Shut Down – US – DL [2023] Fluid Japan are not wasting any time in drip feeding us a series of elegant Art Rock singles. Their stunning “Afterlife” was released on March 10th and now there’s a … Continue reading

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Vicious Pink Phenomena Caught In Live Snapshot From 1982 As A Download

Gloryoski! I recently found a still zipped DL on my file server that dated back to about a year ago, when there was much moving of the needle on the Vicious Pink legacy with their fabbo “West View” compilation. There … Continue reading

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Fluid Japan Populate An Elegant “Afterlife” With Their Art Rock Chops

Sometime it’s hell keeping a secret! Especially one you’d prefer to shout from the rooftops! In the case of the group Fluid Japan, I first encountered their member Todd Lewis [vox, synth, bass, drum programming] when he had played bass … Continue reading

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Department S Are Ready to “Burn Down Tomorrow”

How we loved Department S after hearing them in 1981 with the top single “Going Left Right.” We waited for an album, and waited…and waited! But the band were seemingly cursed. Stiff tabled their “Sub-Stance” album, so that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Jan Linton: “Melatonin” EP And “Byzantine Remixes” Showcase Point Where Dance And Art Rock Meld Together

While Jan Linton contributed guitar atmospherics on the new Steven Jones + Logan Sky single, Mr. Sky returned the favor and mastered the new Jan Linton single. Symmetrical. I got the notice recently that Mr. Linton had issued a new … Continue reading

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Steven Jones + Logan Sky Drop “Summer Herz;” New Single With New Wrinkles

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Summer Herz – UK – DL [2022] Summer Herz The Last Man In Europe Summer Herz [Berlin ’22] Has it really been a year since “European Lovers,” the stunning 2021 release by Steven Jones + … Continue reading

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They Take Paradise And Put Up A Parking Lot: The Troubling Sale of Bandcamp to Epic Games

The Growth Of Bandcamp I have been a Bandcamp buyer for over a decade. While DL music was not always my cup of tea, the fact remains that there are now many things I might want to own that will … Continue reading

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