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Book Review: Neal Karlen’s “This Thing Called Life” Examines The Lonely Life Of Prince From As Close Of A Viewpoint As We’re Likely To Get [pt. 2]

[…continued from last post] Both the writer Neal Karlen and the superstar Prince were Minneapolis boys; the former Jewish in the blackest neighborhood to be found in a city that was 99% white. Roughly the same age. Mirror images of … Continue reading

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At Last! A Biography Of John McGeoch Is Being Published Next Month!

It was sometimes in the late 80s/early 90s when I realized that, holy mackerel, I liked every project that John McGeoch had played guitar on and, more to the point, I had all of them in my Record Cell! With … Continue reading

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Want List: JAPAN Biography Reissued + Sequel Coming

Two days ago commenter Duncan Watson brought it to our attention that Anthony Reynolds’ book on JAPAN was now back in print at Burning Shed, and since we had missed the limited hardcover edition, this represents a great second chance … Continue reading

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Book Week – Bettye Kronstad: Perfect Day; An Intimate Portrait Of Life With Lou Reed

I don’t plan on buying very many books these days. A far cry from my childhood when my mom used to complain that I spent any money she gave me on books instead of other, lesser things! Once, she gave … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dave Thompson – Sparks | No. 1 Songs In Heaven

After finally seeing the splendor and glory of Sparks in concert last month, getting my paws on one of the scant english language books on the band Sparks. As far as I can tell, there are three; each released at … Continue reading

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