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Book Review: Chris Frantz – Remain In Love

This was a book that I didn’t want to waste too much not reading time before the print got cold. It came out last summer and my spouse got me a copy from the library where she works. It was … Continue reading

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Harold Budd: 1936 – 2020

I received terrible news last night as I was reading The Guardian after dinner. The incomparable Harold Budd had died at the age of 84. Worse, as details filtered out this was another covid-19 related music death. Word came from … Continue reading

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Want List: Bryan Ferry Steps Up With New Live Album To Fund Band & Crew

Earlier this year there was a vintage Bryan Ferry album that snuck out into the world. His 1974 concert at that famous Royal Albert Hall was released as one of the first vintage Ferry concerts to get the nod years … Continue reading

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OMD Revisit Enola Gay Four Times For Forty Years

I swear I posted on this earlier but it may have just been a private text thread among my friends my muddled mind is recalling, was if I’m wrong, I apologize. Last year OMD revisited their debut single in a … Continue reading

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Want List: Fashiøn – “Fabrique Deluxe” Ultrabox Coming…Finally!

I’ve watched from afar the slow, stately process of vocalist Dave Harris and Zeus B. Held compiling and remastering all of the tracks surrounding the 1982 “Fabrique” album from Fashiøn. Word has bubbled under in the Fashiøn fan community for … Continue reading

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“Duff Guide To 2-Tone” Spotlights 2nd Ska Wave Over 40 Years

Stephen Shafer has devoted all of his adult life to ska music. Having been exposed to the “Second Wave Ska” of the late 70s 2-Tone movement via its inclusion on the New Wave in of the time, playback of bands … Continue reading

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“Vienna” Gets Ultrabox After 40 Years As Synth Rock Touchstone [part 7]

[…continued from this post] Well, that took forever. I had to find out what was wrong with my 5.1 tuner that I was only hearing music on three of the five speakers, and it came down to the fact that … Continue reading

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