Shriekback Speak The “L” Word With Kickstarter Campaign

Shriekback Live in 2017

Shriekback Live in The 21st Century

Any regulars here will know that I hold Shriekback in pretty high esteem. The band have been fairly active over the years, trickling out an album every 2-5 years [better than most, actually] and of late they have been working the archive action, re-issuing themselves much of their m.i.a. back catalogue. One salient fact has remained. The band had not played live since the very early 90s. “The Sacred City” tour had been their last live gasp.

When the band reabsorbed Carl Marsh a few years back, the missing ingredient from the heady “Oil + Gold” period was now ensconced once again in the band. The thought has arose that maybe with an active internet fanbase, Shriekback could one day tread the stages of the world once again? But to do that will take some capital… and capital, might aid us now.

On February 13, I received an email from the Shriekback mailing list touting a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at getting the multi-headed hydra that was the “Oil + Gold” era Shriekback band back on the road for the first time in nearly 25 years. Barry Andrews confirmed that the eight piece band he’s assembled for the mooted 2017 European tour will be comprised of:

  • Barry Andrews
  • Carl Marsh
  • Martyn Barker
  • Steve Halliwell
  • Mike Cozzi
  • Sarah Partridge
  • Wendy Partridge
  • Scott Firth

While bassmaster Dave Allen has a very active career with Apple Music Artist Relations, he will be sitting the tour out while the bass role will be undertaken by P.I.L.’s Scott Firth.

The notion is to have a campaign right now to bankroll the rehearsals and a European tour this year of the above band. The finances necessary have been identified as £35,000 [$43,597]. The thought is that the idea of a world tour will be broken into two phases. The cheaper European leg will be done first, and by the time it’s over, the Shriekback momentum will make it easier to mount the North American/other leg[s]. Carl Marsh reiterates that without the first leg being funded, the second leg will not happen. So fans have the opportunity to tithe some Shrieklove and finally see the band active for the first time in over a generation. Click the graphic below to see their Kickstarter Campaign page.


How are things looking? Very healthy indeed. In the first week of the campaign, the coffers are roughly 64% to the goal. How have the band sweetened the pot and what are the premiums? There are a healthy range of options, and the high end is a little crazy, but amazing. Here are but a few highlights:

  • ≥£10 – quasi-live DL [presumably recorded live at rehearsals]
  • ≥£25 – quasi-live CD/DL
  • ≥£35 – T-shirt/CD/DL
  • ≥£100 – a book commemorating this process by Andrews + Marsh
  • ≥£1K – guest list and aftershow [everything up to this, and you [+1] at soundcheck/gig/aftershow of yout choice]
  • ≥3.5K – hanging out platinum executive version… everything else plus you [+1] are flown from anywhere in the world to a gig plus 2 nights accommodations and more perks than you can swing a dead cat at. [NOTE: all three of these donation seats have been snapped up already]

shriekback-jungleofthesensesukvhsaThat last one was probably as much as just attending a Shriekback show in Europe would be for me [$4,371], so I’m not surprised that the three slots are history. That also implies that with the three highest pledge levels out of the running, the last 35% remaining to raise will be through smaller price points, and it’s not exactly a sure thing, though it does look promising. I’d like to be able to pledge a £25 level to get that CD, because as they remind us Yanks, unless phase one happens, phase two [N. America] cannot happen. It remains to be seen if the budget can stretch that far, but the spirit is certainly there. So music fans of a Shriekback persuasion have a task cut out for them: nearly £20,000 in 22 days remain to be raised for anyone to once again see the expansive presence of Shriekback live on stage. If this doesn’t wash, all we have are the PAL VHS tapes of “Jungle Of the Senses” to hint of the majesty. I’ve had my copy for 30 years now and may have to translate this to a DVD for viewing purposes. Until then, there’s the recent Shriekback viddy below to tide us over.

– 30 –

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9 Responses to Shriekback Speak The “L” Word With Kickstarter Campaign

  1. JT says:

    “If this doesn’t wash, all we have are the PAL VHS tapes of “Jungle Of the Senses” to hint of the majesty. I’ve had my copy for 30 years now and may have to translate this to a DVD for viewing purposes.”

    Handled. Email me.

    And… too bad they couldn’t lure Dave Allen back into the fold. He’s kinda crucial to the Shriekjuice. You’d think he could get two or three weeks vay-cay from Apple to do a string of gigs. Come on Dave, it’d be fun!


  2. Echorich says:

    This must happen Monk! It will be a great reason for us to come together in musical fellowship and RECORD SHOPPING!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Is that a promise or a threat? Yeah, don’t expect Shriekback to make it to the Sunshine State. After all, they never did back then. I sense an Atlanta date if anything in the Southeast. And if not that, then the 9:30 beckons once again.


      • Echorich says:

        Promise! There aren’t many things I can think of that would be a better reason than to enjoy hearing say, Everything That Rises Must Converge…


  3. Fred van de Peppel says:

    Right , i’m pledger 213! Just giving my two cents (35 GBP actually) to sent you all on a shopping spree. Just watched parts of Jungle Of The Senses on Youtube but was a little underwhelmed, expecting something a bit darker than this…Suppose you had to be there!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Fred van de Peppel – If you have read Barry Andrews excellent Tumblr posts, this period of Shriekback was its “big showbiz” phase that was about to metastasize into the “Go Bang!” Era shortly afterward. I don’t think that we have to worry about that happening again, but I would expect some joy to be driving this event in any case.


    • JT says:

      Fred –
      I *was* there. The 1987 tour was really great… but the one before it, for Oil and Gold was life-changing! Indeed, most of the Shriek canon is darker, but as the Monk said, this was their moment of relative commercial success and they were milking it.


      • postpunkmonk says:

        JT – I think they milked it in a great way with “Big Night Music.” If you are going to sell out, that’s how to do it. Some bands I liked managed to move in a commercial direction that was not completely whorish of them. The Shriekback tangent of “Oil + Gold”>”Big Night Music”>”Go Bang!” was even more successful than Icehouse’s tangent of “Measure For Measure”>”Man Of Colours”>”Code Blue.” I rate both bands well above their peers in doing so in the mid-80s. Tellingly, both bands crossed a point of no return on the final album in the sequence. I’d rate “Big Night Music” rather more highly than “Man Of Colours” though the latter is not too bad, for that “sort of thing.”

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