Record Show Roundup: 11/14/2010

First of all, to whom it may concern, my DSL at home has effectively been dead for over a week. My modem shows no signal at all. So no web or e-mail, making my lunch hour more precious than ever! Last week I managed four postings, but on Friday I had to run an important errand, so that bring us to today. My ISP is sending a new modem and after that, it’s definitely a “network issue” meaning that it’s an issue for my telecom company. Since I do not buy DSL services directly from the telecom company, they are under no requirement to provide me with that bandwidth. Too bad for me. This leads to the proverbial “sticky wicket.” Wish me luck.

I could have used the luck yesterday at the fourth Asheville Sound Swap. It was not quite the flat-out bust that volume III was last year, but it was a far cry from the splendor of the first and particularly, the second. In a fit of unbridled optimism, I pulled a c-note’s worth of cash from the super secret REVO swiss account only to see me re-depositing over 70% of it.

There were the usual 30-40 ish dealers crammed into the Grey Eagle with a few faces that have become familiar. If one were to judge a record show by the difficulty in parking, then this one was clearly the best! People are attending and in these, the end times, that is as much as record hounds like myself can hope for. Of course, there were CDs for sale at the show as well, [not to mention more than a few 8-tracks] but this is the first time that the glittering prizes didn’t manage to call my name as I left the event with only polyvinyl chloride in my tote bag.

Finally, I must state for the record, as well as for those who have followed this blog for some time, that the only stale aroma at the show emanated from crates of aged vinyl. All of the attendees were sparkly clean, with the invigorating scent of soapy goodness in abundance. Could this be a trend for previously putrid record geeks, or can this be attributed to the crisp fall weather? We’ll err on the side of caution and say it was definitely the attendees this time.  But what did we part with cash for on this fine day? I’m glad you asked.

Fake Doom Records | US | 12" | 1985 | FDR 008

The Cucumbers: All Shook Up 12″

  1. All Shook Up
  2. Everything Goes
  3. All Shook Up [extended]

I love The Cucumbers’ quirk-pop and I have their 1985 LP [“Who Betrays Me… and other happier songs”] on Fake Doom. This is just right for bonus tracks on that opus but alas, there’s another 1983 EP [“Fresh Cucumbers”] on Fake Doom that I need to round out the set!

Chrysalis | USP | 12" | 1988 | VAS-1014

Icehouse: Electric Blue US Promo 12″ [black vinyl]

  1. Electric Blue [ext. mix]
  2. Electric Blue [dub mix]
  3. Electric Blue [inst.]
  4. Electric Blue [ST edit]

I have the US promo blue vinyl 12″ of this with Michael H. Brauer remixes and this has Thompson & Barbiero remixes. Nice!

Chrysalis | USP | 12" | 1986 | VAS 2519

Icehouse: Paradise US Promo 12″

  1. Paradise [edit]
  2. Paradise [LP ver.]
  3. No Promises [live @ The Ritz]
  4. Cross The Border [live @ The Ritz]

Praise to US Chrysalis for fairly well littering the aftermarket with unique promos. I had never run across this one before, despite the many in my Icehouse collection, but extra live cuts from the MTV Ritz concert can’t be all bad!

Kitchenware Records | UK | 7" | 1983 | SK 7

Prefab Sprout: The Devil Has The Best Tunes UK 7″

  1. The Devil Has The Best Tunes
  2. Walk On

I enjoy Prefab Sprout and have much, but not all, of their run.  This was their second indie single prior to being signed by Epic. Now I need “Lions In My Own Garden.”

A+M | USP | 12" | 1983 | SP-12091

Level 42: Micro Kid US Promo 12″

  1. Micro-Kid [specially remixed version]
  2. Micro-Kid [dub version]

Level 42 is always a pleasure and running across another pre-fame US promo 12″ is good fortune. I have the 7″ remix of this cut on a CD, but not these versions.

Mercury | USP | 12" | 1989 | 874 939-1

Yello: The Race US Promo 12″

  1. The Race [high-octane mix]
  2. The Race [formula one mix]
  3. Blazing Saddles [latinohouse mix]
  4. Blazing Saddles [latinohouse dub]
  5. The Race [spare parts mix]

At the time when this 12″ was originally issued I was living in digital-only land. By 1986 I purchased Yello singles only on CD and [stupidly] gave vinyl a pass. The “Blazing Saddles” remixes I have on the heat-sensitive sleeve UK CD5 of that title, but all of these mixes of “The Race” are new to me. Since they are of the time, I say bring ’em on!

Sire | US | 12" | 1989 | 0-21198

Tom Tom Club: Suboceana US 12″

  1. Suboceana [12″ Dance Mix]
  2. Suboceana [Jacking Deep & High Mix]
  3. Suboceana [12″ Club Mix]
  4. Suboceana [Magic Juan Mix]
  5. Devil Does Your Dog Bite? [LP Version]

I really like Tom Tom Club and always pick up any 12″ singles I lack. This is from their iffy “Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom” album, my least favorite of theirs. Since I have not seen this since it came out, I picked it up anyway.

IRS Records | US | 12" | 1987 | IRS-23771

William Orbit: Feel Like Jumping US 12″

  1. Feel Like Jumping [One Jump Beyond]
  2. Swamp Dog
  3. Blue Street [Extended Edit]

This was a surprise since I have not seen it since it was released. Since I’m now assembling a Torch Song rarities collection, now including solo releases, this was actually on my radar this year. I still need the UK 12″ for another remix of the A-side not available here, but I was happy to see this one at the show for <$3!

Mercury | US | 12" | 1986 | PRO 588-1

Swing Out Sister: Surrender US Promo 12″

  1. Surrender [Pop Stand Mix]
  2. Surrender [Stuff Gun Mix]

I’ve been seriously grabbing Swing Out Sister remixes I didn’t already have on CD during the last year for an eventual BSOG®. I think I lacked the Pop Stand Mix, but at these prices [<$3], you buy twice rather than passing it up! It may be time for that iPod Touch just to carry around my record collection database, one of these days… if I can surrender the carload of music that much money would net me for the cost of the unit!

Sire Records | US | LP | 1981 | SRK 6093


David Bryne/Brian Eno: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts US LP

  1. America Is Waiting
  2. Mea Culpa
  3. Regiment
  4. Help Me Somebody
  5. The Jezebel Spirit
  6. Qu’Ran
  7. Moonlight In Glory
  8. The Carrier
  9. A Secret Life
  10. Come With Us
  11. Mountain Of Needles

This was an album I was glad to see since I have the late 80s CD of it where track six has been replaced with “Very, Very Hungry.” As it has been on every release of this album since the first. So picking this up means that I have to remaster my Brian Eno rarities CD to include this suppressed track. All of the copies I see of this for sale on are over 2-8 times what I paid for this, thankfully.

So to sum up, some nice things, certainly! All but two of these records came from a single vendor who was decent enough to shave $4 of off the already low cost of the vinyl. I could have bought more. I had several PWL era Bananarama singles with mixes I don’t have on CD… but I wisely thought the better of it, even for chump change. Spending my valuable digital mastering time on PWL remixes I didn’t even like for the sake of a canonical collection was a road I just couldn’t travel down.

– 30 –

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6 Responses to Record Show Roundup: 11/14/2010

  1. ronkanefiles says:

    I have come across that level 42 12″ (and a 7″ of it) – I wonder how that happened, when all other early L42 12″ / 7″ titles were on Polydor US pretty much from the get-go?

    Not familiar with all of those Icehouse 12″ singles either…nice catch!

    I was unaware that there were track variants on the Byrne / Eno LP…



    • postpunkmonk says:

      @ronkanefiles – That is weird on L42. You’re right. Everything else is on US Polydor except for “Standing In The Light” which is A+M in North America. What went on there? It doesn’t shock me that A+M was interested in L42 – A+M signed many of my favorite UK acts. Their A+R personnel had my tastes in music just like Simon Draper at Virgin intrinsically knew what music I wanted to hear. The weird thing was that it was a one-off for A+M. Very unusual.

      It never ceases to amaze me how much US Chrysalis worked that Icehouse promo action. I seem to have lots of USP 12″ers and promo albums, etc. What I can say is that apart from the US “Hey Little Girl” 12″ in a generic sleeve, there were no commercial Icehouse 12″ers that I’ve ever come across. Promos will only get you so far if the listeners can’t plunk down for an actual single, eh?

      Yes, the “Q’uran” track was the focus of intense Muslim outrage at the time, though since the recording of the voices was taken from the “Voices In The World of Islam” LP [which was done with full cooperation, I’m guessing] one imagines it was the juxtaposition of the Muslim scripture with the infidel music that was the root of the complaint – not simply the use of the Koran itself.


  2. ronkanefiles says:

    Now that you say it, I remember the muslim outrage at Eno’s tinkering…

    Just odd that A&M couldn’t make L42 work in the US…Polydor were certainly clueless, at the beginning, too.

    You’re right about there not being any Icehouse domestic 12″ singles that were “for sale”! I guess I just always concentrated on what the Australian market had going on, with them.

    I hope you get your computer issues solved soon!



    • postpunkmonk says:

      @ronkanefiles – The computer is fine. I’m having network issues. My phone lines are no longer providing a DSL signal. When I hook the DSL modem directly into the network interface outside my home it’s dead as a doornail. Only the power light is active. If it’s the modem that died after seven years, the replacement will fix that. If it’s my phone lines, I’m not buying DSL from my telecom provider so they are under no obligation to fix the problem. If the phone lines are the problem, then I can pay out of pocket to have it fixed. Lovely.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      At least “Something About You” blew it wide open for L42 so even Polydor could sell them here. I wish I’d heard them earlier, though. As great as “World Machine” is, “True Colours” is their first stab at greatness.


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