Want List: Monks Road Social – Down The Willows

Dr. Robert and Mick Talbot laying down a supple groove for “Down The Willows”

The last Blow Monkeys album, “The Wild River,” was released on the indie label Monk’s Road Records [no I don’t get any kickbacks…] last year to the rapture of their fans. But this year there has been another project to keep Dr. Robert out of mischief. The label has commissioned an album along the lines of the This Mortal Coil project for 4AD back in the 80s-90s. The label has commissioned a collective album under the name Monk’s Road Social and all of the musicians on the label have put their two cents into the writing and recording of the album, due early next year. Who were involved, you might ask?

Monk’s Road Social Personnel:

  • Dr Robert
  • Mick Talbot
  • Matt Deighton
  • Crispin Taylor
  • Steve White
  • Steve Sidelnyk
  • Ben Trigg
  • Oli Langford
  • Nev Cottee
  • Sam Whates
  • Shona Coleman
  • Angelina
  • Miles Copeland
  • Zooey
  • Pat Dam Smyth
  • Jacko Peake
  • Ernie Mckone
  • Ximena
  • Damon Minchella
  • Edie Phillips
  • J.O.S

Surely one might recognize several of these names. All of them were encouraged to participate fully, but Dr. Robert of The Blow Monkeys was sitting in the producer’s chair and was overseeing the whole effort. There was a pre-release single released this weekend [Monk’s Road likes to do things on a Sunday…] and it can be seen and heard below.

Wonderfulsound | UK | 7″ | 2018 | WSD55

Monk’s Road Social: Lost In Rasa UK 7″ [2018]

  1. Dr. Robert: Lost In Rasa
  2. Pat Dam Smyth: Sol Long Soho

So, yeah, I had noticed this being mentioned in the Monk’s Road emails I subscribe to but had been preoccupied with this and that in my off time. Something told me yesterday to look into this and I was rewarded with a sumptuous serving of vintage soul with all of the production value that computers can’t replicate! I thought that the last Blow Monkeys album was really something else, but this seemingly takes it up to the next level. I mean, this was The Bomb! Listen!

¡Mamacita! That was some serious deep diving into music lovingly rendered with all of the lush detail of a hand-built easy chair with kidskin upholstery on a deeply buffed mahogany frame. It sounds like the interior of a vintage Bentley! Who’s playing on that masterpiece?

  • Mick Talbot [harmonium, piano, Hammond organ]
  • Matt Deighton [guitar]
  • Crispin Taylor [drums]
  • Ernie McKone [bass]
  • Steve Sidelnyk [percussion]
  • Ben Trigg [string arrangements]

So yeah, you may have an interest in nabbing that on limited 7″ single from the Wonderfulsound bandcamp store of the first release from the album, available nowhere. £7 for the wax or just 2 for the DL. Though the album will ship on Monk’s Road, Miles Copeland’s 7″ label, Wonderfulsound is doing the honors on the vinyl 7″ this time. The 7″ ships at the end of this month. My interest in Monk’s Road Social is now at an all time high so I eagerly await the album, due early next year. It sounds like it will more than tide me over until the next Blow Monkeys opus.

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10 Responses to Want List: Monks Road Social – Down The Willows

  1. zoo says:

    Well, that sounded exquisite! And I recognize a few of those names, most notably Steve White, longtime drummer for The Style Council and Paul Weller. I notice he hasn’t played on the last few Weller albums and have been wondering what he’s up to.


  2. Echorich says:

    Instantly classic! The purity of the orchestration is spine tingling. Lost In Rasa is lush and memorable, making it “a late innings” entry into my year end best list – a very high entry…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SimonH says:

    Steve Sidelnyk is apparently related to Sid Sidelnyk of the Invaders, fun fact as some say…


  4. This is a milk bath of sound, a luxurious song that languishes artfully in its own repose. It is the aural equivalent of dark chocolate with raspberry filling.

    Liked by 1 person

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