Want List: PiL Logo Gold on Red Tee Shirt

Please, please, please let me get what I want…

Did I mention that I wanted this…?

It’s already pencilled into my budget for next week. Available in the Official PiL US webstore for the fair price of $27.00 if you are also inclined.

– 30 –


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8 Responses to Want List: PiL Logo Gold on Red Tee Shirt

  1. Echorich says:

    That is pretty sweet!


  2. My wardrobe is so dark, my closet has been referred to as the Black Hole of Calcutta … but this I would wear!


  3. Dana Madore says:

    I don’t recall you mentioning it. BUT… when you leave an open-ended HINT like THAT, PLEASE let us know your SIZE, and WHERE to get it! ;-). BTW… has your epic essay on OMD reached the 100 installments yet?? ;-)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Dana Madore – That post was to remind myself to buy this [which I plan to do next week], but I see what you mean. It sort of sounds like I am asking readers to buy it for me, which causes me discomfort, now that I see it.


      • Dana Madore says:

        Discomfort?! Nah!
        It wasn’t meant to cause that.
        But… SOME of us (who will remain nameless :-). ) who ‘owe you one or two’ or would’ve liked to surprise you, may have wanted that information! Just sayin’!


  4. diskojoe says:

    It’s a nice looking shirt, but it’s not as ginchy as this which I got last year as a gift for myself for surviving a hospital stay: https://www.triplespresso.co.uk/product-page/marvellous-yellow-mens


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