Roxy Music BSOG Flash Sale Changes Everything…

Kari-Ann bares her teeth…

Newsflash: “Roxy Music” BSOG now on sale at Amazon for $79 [i.e. what I was willing/expecting to pay for six years prior]

Commenter Tim just sent me the notice that the 3xCD+DVD+Book edition of “Roxy Music” we just bemoaned was selling for $150 just yesterday… is now having a sale price of just $79 at right now. Click here if you are fine paying nearly half of retail for this like I am. My copy is just purchased and will be in the Record Cell sometime next week since it has been in release since the 2nd of February.

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3 Responses to Roxy Music BSOG Flash Sale Changes Everything…

  1. Regrettably I didn’t get it in time before the dreaded “out of stock” message appeared, but wait … after putting it in my cart, I saw that I could still buy it at the sale price and it would be shipped when stocks were replenished. If fortune smiles on me, I’ll get an email at some point saying it is on its way, if not … I’ll get a refund on the charge, so its at least a no-risk proposition apart from the inconvenience of paying now and (probably) getting later! So I ordered it of course.

    Steeples fingers
    And now we wait …


  2. Big Mark says:

    I ordered mine upon hearing about the price reduction, and today I received notification that my copy has shipped. Hooray!


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Big Mark – Welcome to the comments! Thanks to Tim’s timely email I had no problem buying my copy. It’ll be in my hands by Wednesday. It actually should be Tuesday, but the box won’t fit in my mailbox, hence the dreaded pink slip and my wife will have to stop by the local post office on Wednesday.


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