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Keith Levene: 1957-2022

Saturday, I received the word from my friend and frequent commenter chasinvictoria that Keith Levene had died from liver cancer. When I think of the three guitarists from the Post-Punk era who helped to define the new concepts that would … Continue reading

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Want List: PiL Logo Gold on Red Tee Shirt

Did I mention that I wanted this…? It’s already pencilled into my budget for next week. Available in the Official PiL US webstore for the fair price of $27.00 if you are also inclined. – 30 –  

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Record Review: PiL – The Flowers Of Romance [part 2]

[…continued from previous post] The other song I heard on the radio was the frankly awesome “Banging The Door.” It began with a very Wobbly bass line that got half a measure to itself before the thunderdrums of Atkins began … Continue reading

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Record Review: PiL – The Flowers Of Romance [part 1]

Public Image Limited: The Flowers Of Romance US CD [1990] Four Enclosed Walls Track 8 Phenagen Flowers Of Romance Under The House Hymie’s Him Banging The Door Go Back Francis Massacre I was an American living in Central Florida in … Continue reading

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30 Days: 30 Albums | P.I.L. – This Is PiL

Last year I purchased the “One Drop” EP on Record Store Day but it remained until I saw the album in the Harvest Basement to finally partake of the full Monty. Surprisingly, the EP tracks are reprised here in exactly … Continue reading

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CD A Week Project #18

CD A Week? More like CD a YEAR these days! My leisure time necessary for even just playing records [never mind carefully, manually, de-noising the digitized results and making full blown REVO editions] and slapping the rips onto a cheap … Continue reading

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Saint or Sinner? The Stephen Hague Problem

I’m a bit conflicted on the subject of producer Stephen Hague. I seem to have many of his productions in the Record Cell and at first I had no negativity associated with his name on a record. I first heard … Continue reading

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