It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 6]

ABBA® weren't chumps! Bjorn + Benny couldn't wait for CD sound…

ABBA® weren’t chumps! Bjorn + Benny [seen here with Abe Vigoda] couldn’t wait for CD sound…

The last post on this thread was M-N on the list of album still wanted on CD format…before it’s too late!  RED = I have already made a CD of this. GREEN = awaiting remastering in my Media Empire Room. BLUE = I still need to buy this on LP to make a CD of it. Back to the list…

positive-noise-heartofdarknessuklpaPositive Noise – Heart Of Darkness

I can’t believe that I never had the first Positive Noise album; after all, it featured Keith Levene and Derek Forbes on guesting on it. True, the Scot God of Bass® only gave backing vocals on it, but still this taunts me. I also need to get the early singles by the band for bonus tracks on any CD I make.

positive-noise-changeofheartuslpaPositive Noise – Change Of Heart

Strangely enough, I first heard Positive Noise when Trouser Press added a flexidisc of Positive Noise in its subscriber issue with an A-side [“Get Up + Go”] and a B-side I liked even more [“End In tears”]  serving potent enough to have me grab one of the plentiful promo copies in the bins on its release in 1982. I only need the 12″ of “Get Up + Go” and this DLX RM is ready to happen!

positive-noise-distantfiresuklpaPositive Noise – Distant Fires

I forget exactly where and when I ran into this scarce third Positive Noise LP at, but I think it happened fairly recently, which if you’re as old as I am, means 5-8 years ago! It was a record show, I think. I remember seeing this and wondering “should I get this?” for about a minute before I came to my senses!

the suburbs - suburbsUSLPAThe Suburbs – The Suburbs

The Minneapolis New Wave combo made an eponymous album for A+M records once they finally graduated from the indie Twin-Tone ghetto back in ’86. By 1987, they were almost goners with yet a single 12″ to their name left, before resurfacing a few years ago with their latest long player. Once I get the “Little Man’s Gonna Fall” 12″ for bonus material, it’s REVO ahoy! for this album.

romanelli-connectingflightfrlpaRomanelli – Connecting Flight

I must have grabbed this French synth album because of its tenuous links to Visage. Rusty Egan drummed on it and John Luongo/Stephen Stewart-Short helped to mix it. It has a great prog-goes New Wave style to die for, and the last Visage album reminds me of this one quite a bit.

sapho-saphofrlpaSapho – Sapho

I first ran into Sapho’s Moroccan/dance hybrid when her videos for “Globo Night” and “Carmel” made it onto the late, lamented MTV International program. I was already primed for Francophile status by hearing Etienne Daho shortly before hand. This is her 1980 album, which resists my format of choice. I’m actually frightened by her 1977 debut as it looks way too cosmic. Her style is admirably severe just three years later.

sapho-lelarisstupidefrlpaSapho – Le Paris Stupide

Sapho’s third album also lacks digitization. I have her subsequent run of material up to 1991, then after that… crickets. But all of her modern material is on CD, of course.


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3 Responses to It’s 34 Years later – What’s Still Not On CD? [part 6]

  1. Jordan says:

    Seeing that Positive Noise. Wow. Have to dig out my copy of their first LP.
    One I have been looking for is by 1000 Mexicans. I have an LP and a few 12 inches. Quite interesting. Drum machine. Trumpet. Funky bass. Moody. Never went anywhere.


  2. Jordan says:

    You’re correct there. I’m a sucker for that drum machine sound. Plenty of other acts were the same. Soft Cell, Blancmange,Chris and Cosey,etc.


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