Want List: Visage – Dreamer I Know

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD5 | 2013 | BZCR013CD

Blitz Club Records | UK | CD5 | 2013 | BZCR013CD

Visage: Dreamer I Know UK CD5 [2013]

  1. Dreamer I Know [Radio Edit]
  2. Digital Age
  3. Dreamer I Know [Sare Havlicek ‘Dreaming Of Me’ Remix]
  4. Dreamer I Know [Max Essa Remix]
  5. Dreamer I Know [Extended Version]
  6. Dreamer I Know [Mick MacNeil Remix]
  7. Dreamer I Know [The Skintologists Strange Version]
  8. Dreamer I Know [Instrumental]
  9. Digital Age [Sare Havlicek Kong Mix]

Every Visage fan has been waiting for this single to hit the streets. The elegant video has been long uploaded to Vimeo by the director and was embedded in my review of the “Hearts + Knives” album weeks ago. I saw this single in my Discogs.com feed quite a while ago, but to date I have no evidence that it is actually available. After all, I’m registered with the Visage website and have yet to receive an email trumpeting its availability. But the desirable CD single is in the Visage web store, taunting me with its “out of stock” message.

This prompts the question; was it in stock at one time and the several hundred copies (worst case scenario) have already sold out to psychic Visage fans worldwide? Or has it been announced for sale in advance of its availability? I suspect the former, since the phrase “pre-order” is nowhere to be seen on the item’s page.

I’d hate to think that I missed the CD single of this title since it not only offers mixes of the lovely A-side but this time the big guns are out! A non-LP B-side graces this puppy and … stop the presses! Even it has been given the deluxe extended remix treatment! I liked the mixes of the first single, but there’s a special place in Valhalla for the old school extended version” that was sooooooo fine. We get another one of these this time, but look what else awaits our hungry ears: a Mick MacNeil remix as well! I can’t wait to hear that!

If the Visage store is not giving this up, then the time is ripe to seek out third party vendors of the Amazonian variety in order to have this single gracing my Record Cell in the preferred polycarbonate format. Visage are giving up exactly what I need in 2013 and I hope that the album has as much legs in the marketplace as it does in my mental and actual playlist. As for the future, there are another fat handful of tracks remaining on the album that shout “release me as a single… you won’t be disappointed!” Not the least of which would be “Never Enough,” “She’s Electric,” “Hidden Sign,” and the sumptuous “Lost In Static.”

News flash! Yesterday I failed, but today I was rewarded with the Visage store fully stocked with CDs of their delightful new single. I suppose I might have caught them in mid update the last time I looked. I’m breathing easier now, secure in the knowledge that the CD5 will wing its way to my Record Cell very soon. Order your copy here. Further forensic analysis reveals that the download version is ten tracks, with an exclusive mix: Dreamer I Know [Sare Havlicek Dreaming Of Dub Remix]. Fortunately, this is available at the usual DL shops as an unbundled download. You really can have it all.

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5 Responses to Want List: Visage – Dreamer I Know

  1. Echorich says:

    This is the best choice for second release from Hearts + Knives!! The most controversial song – if you care to listen to Rusty Egan. It is miles ahead of the “original” by Arno Carstens. I hope Lost In Static is next. It has the most in common with the original Visage DNA.


    • Echorich says:

      BTW…Wall of Sound is releasing B.E.F. Feat. Kim Wilde – Every Time I See You I Go Wild as a single on 8/19/13!!… I hope they do the right thing and put one of the other tracks on it as the “b-side”.


      • postpunkmonk says:

        Echorich – Yes, I saw that was happening. Can’t say I liked the video one iota, though! But I am curious about the remixes. The track is so perfect, the notion of remixing it could only present the possibility of watering down its intense vibe. We’ll see!


        • Echorich says:

          I agree, the video does nothing for the song or Kim. As for remixing…all it should have is a Martyn Ware dub and that’s it. I would love there to be a cd single box of the album down the line like my prize 7″ singles version of the first B.E.F. album


          • postpunkmonk says:

            Echorich – At least Visage got a handsome video out. Good vibe for the song. Thank goodness that we were spared any Ultravox videos for the new album! …At least I hope we were!


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