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Want List: Jesse Rae’s Scot Funk Singles Haunt For 40 Years

It must have been 1982 when I was watching the aforementioned Night Flight cable program which, as we discussed, could show anything. The “Take Off” segment showed clips of a couple of videos by Jesse Rae; a Scot with an … Continue reading

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Rubellan Remasters Releasing Perfect Slow Children CDs, with Peter Baumann’s New Wave Disc As Well

Do you remember all of that effort I spent making CDs of the first and second Slow Children albums in 2020? And finally writing about it last year? Well, I’m ready to toss those discs on the scrapheap of history. … Continue reading

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Want List: Reissues By The Dance Deliver Full Canon Of Art-Funk NYC Combo To CD/LP

I received an email from commenter schwenko the other day and it was simply a series of exclamation points and a link. It seems that reissue label Modern Harmonic are bringing three discs worth of their Post-No-Wave Art Funk to … Continue reading

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Want List: New Frippertronics Album From 1981 in HD Surround…Now Complete With Solos!

How we love the sound of Robert Fripp’s Frippertronic recordings! They are incredibly beautiful work, but the spate of Frippertronic albums released tend to consist only of the foundational loops, which by their nature were always recorded. His solos over … Continue reading

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‘Fripp Goes New Wave’ “Exposures” Megabox Prepares To Stun Our Senses

Robert Fripp: Exposures SDLX BSOG – UK – 25xCD, 3xDVD, 4xBR [2022] Commercial titles as originally released in red. New mixes in blue. Disc 1 Major Loops I   Disc 2 Major Loops II    Disc 3 Major Loops III  … Continue reading

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Rock G.P.A.: The Blow Monkeys [part 2]

The Blow Monkeys: Live Today, Love Tomorrow – UK – 7″ [1981] Live Today, Love Tomorrow In Cold Blood Every story begins with a first step and the one that matters here is the one that happened when Robert Howard … Continue reading

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REDUX: Scarcity vs. Ubiquity: The Rise And Fall Of Synthpop [part 5]

By 1981, with The Human League transitioning to a completely different type of synthpop band, the UK charts began to get crowded with synthesizers as the goldrush to capitalize on the beachhead that Gary Numan established in 1979 led to … Continue reading

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