Want List: Reissues By The Dance Deliver Full Canon Of Art-Funk NYC Combo To CD/LP

The Dance monktone
The Dance – from the lofts of 1980 NYC to your stereo; over 40 years later

I received an email from commenter schwenko the other day and it was simply a series of exclamation points and a link. It seems that reissue label Modern Harmonic are bringing three discs worth of their Post-No-Wave Art Funk to life next month. I recognized The Dance. For several years I’ve had their two albums and the “In Lust” 12″ in my want list, but as it sometimes happens, I could not say exactly why.

the model citizens

Because I’d never heard the band, back in the day, or since. So I went to the Discogs page for the band and looked a little deeper. It’s [sadly] not uncommon for me to want things then see them in my Discogs feed and wonder to myself, “I don’t recognize that…why did I want it?” They were on UK Statik…did perchance Zeus. B. Held produce that single? [note: it’s why many obscure things I’ve never heard are on my want list.] Nope. Looking at the personnel involved, I think it’s down to the fact that in 1979, the NYC New Wave band, The Model Citizens released an EP produced by John Cale [and I want, that, too]. After which the band split into two factions: the bands Polyrock and The Dance. So that must have been it! We always have time for Polyrock, so naturally, there was curiosity about The Dance.

Now both of their UK only LPs are getting the reissue love by Modern Harmonic, the Sundazed imprint who just last year, re-issued the Fashion “Product Perfect” album [also in my want list]. The compilers have done things Monk Style this time. In a perfect world, I like my reissues with the straight albums and any bonus material, if sufficient in numbers, can be compiled into a new collection instead of being added to album CDs as bonus material. So that’s just what has happened with their 1981/1982 albums getting the nod and a third disc of their EP/single tracks and assorted rarities.

Modern Harmonic | US | CD | 2022 | CD-MH-257

The Dance: In Lust – US – CD [2022]

  1. Breakout
  2. In Lust
  3. Survive Another Day
  4. Surrogate For Hate
  5. Personal Grooves
  6. Networking In The World
  7. Shine
  8. Relax And be Romantic
  9. Into The Black
Modern Harmonic | US | CD | 2022 | CD-MH-258

The Dance: Soul Force – US – CD [2022]

  1. Stay Down
  2. Looking For The World
  3. Guerilla Love
  4. Tumble to The Popwer
  5. Do Yourself A Favor
  6. Past Is Past
  7. You And Only You
  8. Soul Force
Modern Harmonic | US | CD | 2022 | CD-MH-259

The Dance: Do Dada – US – CD [2022]

  1. She Likes To Beat
  2. Do Dada
  3. Dance For Your Dinner
  4. Slippery When Wet
  5. In Lust
  6. You Got To Know
  7. Dubbin Down
  8. Into The Future
  9. Into The Future Epic Mix

When I sample the cuts at the Modern Harmonic website, I’m hearing that very NYC groove thang that we love so well. I’m reminded of Bush Tetras mixed with Gang Of Four Avant Funk DNA. Listening now to the samples, I’m shocked that the band had to go to the UK to get signed to Statik Records, when they should have been a shoo-in for Ze Records, methinks. Vocalist Eugenie Diserio really rings a bell that I can’t quite identify with her dryly deadpan ability to ride the discofunk groove without giving too much mystery away.

Both formats are in evidence, so huzzah for the silver discs that we love for being a part of this campaign. Each CD is $16.98 and Modern Harmonic provide free US shipping for orders over $50, so there we are. The LPs are colored vinyl [In Lust – green, Soul Force – yellow, and Do Dada – orange] and are $24.98 each. It’s amazing enough that this music is being reissued. Reissued on CD in the 2022 climate is beyond amazing. Shop accordingly.

Modern Harmonic CD

post-punk monk buy button

Modern Harmonic LP

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8 Responses to Want List: Reissues By The Dance Deliver Full Canon Of Art-Funk NYC Combo To CD/LP

  1. Jeremy Shatan says:

    Hmm, I remember Polyrock but not The Dance. Will investigate as that is also near my wheelhouse. It will probably distress you to know that I sold my promo copy of Produkt Perfect (which I had bought at a street fair back then) a few years ago as it never really clicked for me.


  2. Thank you for your smart, clear and wonderful review of our reissued catalog of 3 LP’s In Lust, Soul Force and Do Dada…thanks to Sundazed Music/Modern Harmonic.
    Our Model Citizens LP consisting of the 4 John Cale produced tracks and unreleased live performance tracks is coming very soon.

    Thank you & take care,
    Eugenie Diserio
    The Dance & Model Citizens


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