It’s Finally Simple To Buy A Copy Of China Crisis’ “Autumn In The Neighbourhood!”

china crisis - autumn in the neighbourhood CD art

It can be yours for a fraction of the normal cost…finally!

China Crisis: Autumn In The Neighbourhood UK CD reissue [2020]

  1. Smile [What Kind Of Love Is This]
  2. Down Here On Earth
  3. Autumn In The Neighbourhood
  4. Because My Heart
  5. Bernard
  6. Joy + The Spark
  7. Being In Love
  8. Fool
  9. My Sweet Delight
  10. Tell Tale Signs
  11. Wonderful New World

Anyone who has been reading PPM for the last, uh, seven years, may have some idea of the drama surrounding China Crisis ‘ excellent “Autumn In The Neighbourhood” album and my attempts to buy a copy. First, the band popped up on Pledge Music with a long running campaign for the album. I wanted to pledge at that time but Moogfest tickets were a costly  expense. Then came the end of that year that saw me traveling far and wide to amazing shows by Pere Ubu, Simple Minds, Television, Sparks, and Hugh Cornwell. No money then to buy music. And the next year found us visiting the West Coast for the first time ever, and I needed to save up for that big trip and three Amoeba visits. Then by 2015 the campaign finally ended and it was over. I had bought a pledge as a gift for a friend, but had not gotten one for myself.

No mater, I thought. Surely the album would be available in another fashion. But that was not what happened. If I had missed the Pledge Campaign, there was now the aftermarket for me. And the CD was typically $50 and up. Fortunately, schwenko on the New Wave Outpost Forum say my plight and had a 2nd copy he sold me for a modest price. I felt it was a spectacular return for the band.

Since that time in 2017, I’ve heard that one could buy it only from the band’s merch table at shows that I have never been able to attend as they are all far, far away from me. So it was with some enthusiasm that I saw that Gavin had commented a few weeks ago that there was now a MusicGlue page for China Crisis. The MusicGlue platform had been where the last two Gary Daly solo releases had happened, and thank goodness someone thought “we should sell the band album there, too!” So now, anyone may order the CD, autographed by Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon for the princely sum of £15.00 [$20.29]

china crisis - autumn in the neighbourhood UK LP

Vinyl now has the bonus track in this UPSIDE DOWN WORLD

China Crisis: Autumn In The Neighbourhood UK LP [2020]

1. Smile (What Kind Of Love Is This)
2. Down Here On Earth
3. Autumn In The Neighbourhood
4. Because My Heart
5. Bernard
6. Tell Tale Signs

7. Everyone You Know
8. Joy And The Spark
9. Being In Love
10. Fool
11. My Sweet Delight
12. Wonderful New World

Did you notice that the LP has twelve tracks instead of eleven? The crafty devils have snuck in the great song “Everyone You Know” that was given to Pledge Music pledgers before delivery as a bonus has been put into the running order, with a few re-jigged song orders to better make everything fit on two sides of an LP, no doubt. Listen below!

The LP is new to 2020 and requires a £25 [$33.82] investment if you still need that format in your life. I’m happy to live in a world of lasers, myself. But by all means indulge in this new pressing in either format [I won’t cast aspersions] if you’ve not had the considerable pleasure! If you’ve ever liked China Crisis you are in for a superb treat.

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7 Responses to It’s Finally Simple To Buy A Copy Of China Crisis’ “Autumn In The Neighbourhood!”

  1. dhrichards says:

    I know you don’t want to hear it, but it has been on Spotify since 2018- so at least one could hear it, if not own it :-)


    • postpunkmonk says:

      dhrichards – Well, even Spotify had to wait three years before people could stream it. It’s just my beef that this album has been very tricky to hear – one way or another. And it’s a wonderful album that I would prefer to be more readily available. So now it is. For as long as the pressings hold out, anyway.


  2. Against my better judgement I will probably order this since the CD version is autographed — but I have had it on Apple Music since the day it became available for streaming, so I’ve enjoyed it many times since. Why would I have an issue with ordering this magnificent (albeit single) CD? Well, because with shipping (plus the inflated price of the album but hey autographed) — it’s C$42.84! The shipping is C$14.90! And that’s for the privilege of waiting a few weeks for it to arrive!

    (nsert general rant about how it heaven’s name the pound is doing so well when the UK is in utter civil and economic chaos … here)


  3. PS. Amended to add that a digital copy of the album would set me back C$11.99 ($9.99US)! Grrr!!


  4. PPS (not PPM). AND I just noticed the CD only has the 11 tracks, while the streaming/digital purchase version has all 12. China Crisis, some days you make it hard to be supporter …


  5. Echorich says:

    I’m glad you have it on physical format finally Monk! So I agree that Everyone You Know belongs on the album. I chose song 5, just before Bernard to place the song. I am considering the new cd programming as I write this. I still hold that Fool, the song most have chosen to gift with, the albums weakest link title, is still my favorite track. I will always give Eddie Lundon my fan love.


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