Gary Daly Of China Crisis Makes Solo Move

Gary Daly has been baking his solo debut for quite some time and now it’s ready

Gloryoski! I almost forgot to mention this since blogging time has been tragically thin on the ground for me lately, but Gary Daly of China Crisis has finally made good on his long-mooted solo effort that he had been mentioning online for the last dozen years or more.

“Gone From Here” will be released by MusicGlue on May 31st. I guess the meltdown of PledgeMusic has other crowdsource platforms taking up the slack as the elephant in the room has withered away. The album already has a taster out with The song “Carousel Of Stars” featuring lead vocals from another top Liverpudlian band, John Campbell of It’s Immaterial. Fans who sign up for updates from Daly’s MusicGlue site can hear it up front as a free DL. I’ll just mention that it sounds like a perfect mix of the two bands’ approaches! Campbell takes the lead with his patented voice over delivery while Daly sings the chorus most melodiously. It’s definitely a case of two great tastes that taste great together. My only query was why this took nearly 40 years to happen?

UK | CD | 2019

Gary Daly: Gone From Here UK CD [2019]

  1. Write Your Wrongs
  2. Time It Takes
  3. I Work Alone
  4. Of Make Do And Mend
  5. Carousel Of Stars
  6. Transition / Peace
  7. Low Tide
  8. In The Cloudy Domain
  9. Antony
  10. Dead Of Night
  11. Anger And / Or Rage
  12. Gone From Here

It looks like every member of China Crisis except for Eddie Lundon is pitching in on the effort. Brian McNeill of CC is one of the co-producers and the mixing in by Mark Pythian, who has quite a history with CC so this should slot in closely to where we last saw China Crisis on their excellent last album. Preorders may be made below in CD or LP formats.

But the annoying thing about all of this is that I just learned that it is not the first Gary Daly solo material. Eleven years ago he released what looked like a very limited EP that I’ll wager that you didn’t know about, either.

POLITE ‎| EURO | CD5 | PAM01 | 2008

Gary Daly: How To Live And Love Your Life EURO CD5 [2008]

  1. Loved By The Bees
  2. Bang On A Dress
  3. They Conspire
  4. How To Live And Love Your Life
  5. Baghead Blues

It seemed to have been a limited, numbered, bespoke sort of release with lots of Daly art on postcards. It looks like one of the numbers on that small photo says 4 ½/10 so the print run may have been scandalously low. One of these days I will meet Gary Daly and ask him why he has never had a website since finding out anything about what he or China Crisis is doing always seems so exceedingly difficult to me. Especially where I don’t use FB. But maybe one day this will get a digital re-issue so that fans might hear it. Until then, prime the wallets for the upcoming Daly full album, which, thankfully, is actually getting a bit of PR.

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15 Responses to Gary Daly Of China Crisis Makes Solo Move

  1. Echorich says:

    I agree that Gary and John make for great vocal counterpoints. It also makes me feel less concerned that there is no Eddie anywhere to be found. But I suppose if he were involved it would be a China Crisis record… Autumn In The Neighborhood was just a magnificent release and I can only hope for more of Gary and Eddie in the future, but having new material from Gary is a very welcome thing for 2019.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Daly has stated that he tends towards melancholy and Eddie is the optimistic one, so I guess that is the difference we should expect here. Given that Eddie writes about 20-30% of most CC albums, it shouldn’t be too different in feel. Whereas an Eddie solo album might stand further apart from the corpus of China Crisis. I’d love the chance to find out how far! Mr. Lundon, if you’re reading this, think about that solo album! In between your teaching duties.


      • Echorich says:

        I know we differ on warmth for Fool from the most recent CC album. I find it to be one of the highlights of an impeccable album. Eddie manages to capture some of that CC 84-86 magic and make an upbeat, song about being shot down by love. It’s the track that really cuts away and lets the listener recharge before the album ends with gorgeous gentility.


  2. Looking forward to it, and hopefully now that this is finally out of his system perhaps another excellent China Crisis album someday!


  3. SimonH says:

    Thank you, ordered!


  4. Duncan Watson says:

    “Especially where I don’t use FB.”
    Therein lies your own choice and why you are missing out.

    So, is the solution to your missing out not to therefore start using Facebook? I use it but not for personal postings. I do not post photos of my lunch. I use it purely to follow what bands are doing and when tours are announced etc. I ignore a lot of the utter rubbish which is posted and the sheer vitriol which some so-called fans post. Indeed, some OMD fans are particularly vocal at lambasting the band on their Facebook page, which is embarrassing.

    But on the whole, the usefulness of Facebook as a centralise feed of music information cannot be understated. And, if you are concerned about giving too much away, you don’t have to be too truthful about your personal details when signing up!

    Band websites go out of date very quickly but a Facebook page is essentially kept up to date by fan and manager interaction.

    If you have personal feelings against using Facebook, please don’t expect a band to maintain an expensive website just to service your needs


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Duncan Watson – What I resent is the whole “FB or nothing paradigm” that we seem to have now. FB was unappealing to me from day one. With what we know now, FB represents to me an obscene concentration of social and financial power in the hands of a corporation that is answerable to no one. As for China Crisis, I was also annoyed that even before FB became a be-all/end-all, CC have never had a website. It has always been challenging following their progress in the last 20+ years.


      • SimonH says:

        Agree re FB, I use it occasionally and grudgingly.
        We are already seeing the same thing with Spotify in terms of dominance which can’t be healthy, thankfully I have no use for it anyway.
        Am trying to get in the habit of using DuckDuckGo instead of Google for similar reasons.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          SimonH – I stopped using Google products/services about a month after I started blogging [ironically, on the Blogger platform – see the earliest posts of this blog for the full tale as it unfolded]. I have used proxy browser StartPage for nine years now, but DuckDuckGo is just as good.


  5. JIM GOUGH says:

    The 4 1/2 out of 10 you mention is Gary marking his own artwork, like a teacher would do.
    Although the Box Set was limited there are more than 10 of them. Ha!
    Gary also had another Limited Edition solo album under the moniker The Visionary Mindset Experience. With the original version of In the Cloudy Domain.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      JIM GOUGH – Welcome to the comments! We especially welcome your intriguing (and new to our ears) facts regarding the demure Mr. Daly’s solo output. The modesty is becoming (for Gary as a human being) but causes difficulty as a fan.


  6. Gavin Brick says:

    This album sounds great from what I have heard so far!
    i am not even a big CC fan and have never even heard “Working with Fire and Steel”,but I am tempted to get both this Daly solo CD and the triple CC set of WWF&S.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin Brick – You sound like a new convert. WWF+S is CC at their most electronic, but that’s not to say that the acoustic elements aren’t also prominent. The oboe playing on that album slays me. The ambient beauty, cheek-by-jowl with the electro pop elements and beats are its strength. Most of all, Gary and Eddie are great writers; getting better with age, actually. I can’t wait to get Gary’s solo album, though I don’t know when I’ll have the cash.


  7. Gavin Brick says:

    My copy of “Gone From Here” arrived this morning-what an exquisite album!
    Lovely packaging too,plus a great postcard of artwork by Gary was included.
    Production is superb and the vocals just sublime.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Gavin Brick – Now you’re making me jealous! I can’t say when I’ll have the money to order this but given the outcome of dawdling on the last China Crisis album I would like to think that I learned my lesson!


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