Jones + Sky VS Zeitreich Drop New Mix Of “Like A Ghost” For Halloween

L-R: Steven Jones + Logan Sky

Things have been a bit quiet on the Steven Jones + Logan Sky front following their last amazing album in 2021. If history’s anything to judge by, they are currently busy working on upping their game, which they do with frightening regularity! So this is just a little snack before their next main event. Sure, sure. There was that single in the spring, but for now the duo have recently commissioned a radical new remix of “Like A Ghost” from that album at the hands of Ibiza DJs Zeitreich, and could anything be more timely than their remix of the song dropping on Halloween?

Etrangers Musique | UK | DL | 2022

Steven Jones + Logan Sky: Like A Ghost [Zeitreich remix] – UK – DL [2022]

  1. Like A Ghost [Zeitreich remix] 7:54

It’s a “Haunted House” mix that takes me back to the early 90s, when such things were first happening. While there’s a four on the floor beat prominent, the vibe here took the song and made it into something more sinister and seductive. I loved the almost subliminal drumstick percussion scraping away while the live flute and deep bass offset the popcorn synths reminiscent of New Order’s “Confusion.”

Zeitreich have wisely retained about half of the lyrical content; dropping the most political component of the lyrics to change the complexion of the song to something more personal than political. Meanwhile, Steve Jones’ vocal has been set deeper in the mix to give the eerie synth stabs that sound like trains braking in the distance more prominence. Let’s listen.

Zeitreich in their native environment

This reminded me of remixes like the “Haunted House” mix of “I Put A Spell On You” that Sven Taits did for Bryan Ferry or indeed, the vibe on the first [godlike] Electribe 101 album. So for our money, the downtempo original track has been recast into the kind of club music that we can find lots of room for in the Record Cell. Even for an intangible ghost track like this one. Look for this one after October 30th, 2022 on the usual streaming platforms as well as the Bandcamp DL link below for you grizzled old timers like me.

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