Four Decades Of My Favorite Remixes [2000s]



The Brücken train keeps on rolling today with the third consecutive decade where my favorite remix was of a song by Claudia Brücken. How long can it keep up?


onetwo - cloudnineUKCDAOnetwo | Kein Anschluß [SITD Mix] | 2007

I came to this remix in an awkward fashion in that I bought the single during the year it was released. Good thing too, because it is a costly thing to buy these days! I played the single and the mixes of “Cloud Nine” were familiar from the first Onetwo EP and weren’t anything to write home about the first time, frankly. Claudia Brücken writing a song with Martin Gore sounded better on paper, I think. But when “Kein Anschluβ [SITD Mix]” played, it freaking popped out of the speakers and into my heart!

Not only was Ms. Brücken singing in her mother tongue for a change, but SITD had crafted a remix that dove headfirst into dark EBM and was most glorious! When I later got the Oneteo album and played the album version, I marveled at the dramatic shifts in tone that SITD managed to effect with the track! The album version of  “Kein Anschluβ” is a good album cut on a strong eclectic album. Nothing more. The LP arrangement had chord progressions that evoked Depeche Mode ca. “Black Celebration”-“Music For The Masses.” Nothing too major in my universe. The overall arrangement was fussy with the beat dropping out entirely at certain portions of the song. The energy was pretty diffuse on the track.

In high contrast, SITD moved the song from the Depeche Mode end of the spectrum further left, into Nitzer Ebb territory! The disciplined, relentless beats and vibrant bass have re-cast the track as a pulse-pounding slice of EBM with a side order of ravy gravy on the song’s middle eight. The track gained a laser-like focus in the hands of SITD! The light string patches are a gorgeous contrast to the rest of the music bed, and of course, Ms. Brücken’s evocative vocal was left completely alone as perfection needs no heavy hand to spoil it.

This bad boy can play on a loop for hours in my world! In retrospect, the only fault that I can find with this remix is that it is roughly the same length as the LP track was. I wouldn’t look askance at a mix of this cut that didn’t start to end until after the eight minute mark! I may have to try my hand at this myself one day. I’m hearing sounds in my skull that might work. But this mix is so stellar that I’d hate to ruin it with my meddling.

This was a case of a remix completely renovating a track into something completely different. For the most part, I prefer remixes that enhance the natural attributes of a song, not throw them out of the window and start over. But in this case, I’ll make an exception! I’ll even say that Ms. Brücken might think about recording a whole album with SIDT, but having just looked them up online, and having heard the second tier EBM music they create on their own, maybe this was an instance of catching lightning in a bottle for this one time. Their standard on their own doesn’t seem to be up to the caliber that I’d prefer her collaborating with, in all candor.

This remix was as thrilling as “Promises,” the leadoff track on the last Nitzer Ebb album was. Which is to say, that it works like a fiend for me! What I’d like to hear is Ms. Brücken collaborating with Nitzer Ebb on an album project. It would have the potential to multiply the pleasures of “Kein Anschluβ [SIDT Mix]” up to the next level and beyond. It was very exciting to hear some of the threatening vibe that was present on “Mabuse” insinuate itself back into her music for this most delightful remix.

Next: …The final remix


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2 Responses to Four Decades Of My Favorite Remixes [2000s]

  1. Echorich says:

    Hooray Monk! This is the one I was hoping for! Kein Anschuss remix is absolutely brilliant. This remix elevated the entire OneTwo project for me. I can to CB for hours when she is in this world. The remix has some really sharp penetrating edges and Claudia is otherworldly yet commanding in her delivery – would we expect less?


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – The remix is all sharp, penetrating edges! That’s why we love it. Truth be told, I was shocked when I heard how diffuse the LP version was in comparison. Today I was also shocked when I looked up SITD for the first time ever, and heard how tepid their EBM was. Saw that they recently were an opening act for VNV Nation. That’s about right. SITD. VNV Nation. Both bands I would have weeded out of the Record Cell along with NIN, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and their ilk ca. 1996. But on “Kein Anschuß?” Lightning struck!


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