OMD Release Third Single From “English Electric” As Drummer Rebounds From Malady

The Mighty Mal at The Roundhouse © 2013 Nathan Dainty

The Mighty Mal at The Roundhouse © 2013 Nathan Dainty

The same day as my last posting brought with it the news that OMD drummer Malcolm Holmes had collapsed onstage from heat exhaustion in the torrid climes of the Toronto club where they were playing a gig on their 2013 North American tour on July 18th. Since Holmes had suffered a previous heart attack in the years before OMD had reformed in 2005, they took the step of canceling the rest of their tour [three dates in The States] as well as a trio of European summer festival dates. Surely, a wise decision. Holmes was released from his Toronto hospital on July 25 and flew home to the UK on July 30th.

Today brings the sobering news, in a statement from Homes himself on the OMD home page, that he had in fact had another heart attack at the time, and he had been resuscitated successfully by the paramedic team who had come to his aid. He went on to thank the medical team that cared for him as well as his crew and bandmates for their help in dealing with the incredible difficulty he has been through. So in the cosmic scheme of things, another tour with OMD might not be in the cards for Mr. Holmes and if that’s the case, I’d recommend the band end now on the plateau of the “English Electric” album and tour. I’d hate to see them pressing on with another drummer. It would discolor the notion that the reformation was not made for financial reasons.

The last eight years of OMD activity have seen the band largely erase the specter of the mid-80s when the band plugged away in an attempt to “break America.” Sure, they eventually got some hits, but at too large a price as they suppressed their natures for the sake of success and mere tunecraft. They never lost their way with an evocative melody, but lyrically, the wonderful strangeness [and sonic experimentation] of their subject matter was brushed aside for love songs, which they’d previously decried. The band broke up at a good time in 1988, following their greatest hits album. Andy McCluskey revived the band name for what was really a solo career from ’91-’96, that was more watered down sauce. The last two albums and tours were fitting cappers to the OMD legacy and I’d like to see the band consider them laurels to rest upon. The curtain has been drawn on “English Electric” with a third single due for release on September 18th.

100% Records | UK | CD | 2013

100% Records | UK | CD | 2013

OMD: Night Café UK CD [2013]

  1. Night Café
  2. Kill Me
  3. The Great White Silence
  4. Time Burns
  5. No Man’s Land
  6. Frontline
  7. Night Café (Vile Electrodes ‘B-Side the C-Side’ Remix)
  8. Night Café (Metroland’s Nighthawks Remix)
  9. Night Café (Taoyoyo Remix)
  10. Night Café (Sin Cos Tan Rmx)

As they had with the final single from “History Of Modern,” the band pulled out all of the stops with a physical format CD single that not only has a quartet of remix versions, but every non-LP B-side from all three of the singles. Thereby consolidating tracks that may have been previously vinyl or download only on the lovable shiny discs that I’ll miss one day. Pre-orders can be made at the OMD store here and be forewarned that if history is anything to judge by, as few as 500 of these CD singles were produced and only for sale at the OMD webstore. The days of snapping up a copy at the Virgin Megastore® are gone with the wind. Act accordingly.

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4 Responses to OMD Release Third Single From “English Electric” As Drummer Rebounds From Malady

  1. Echorich says:

    When I read the very sombre announcement email from OMD, I really thought the worst. It’s terrible that that thought ended up being just what happened. Malcolm was in full form in DC when I saw them in July, but you could see he was still maybe not as fit as he should be. Andy’s hyper-kinetic stage antics kept you fixed on him, but I was especially interested in watching Andy and Paul’s ever present musical foils, satisfied that this truly was OMD.
    I agree that as a unit maybe they should bow out while on top of their reprised game. I am so glad to see Night Cafe get the due it deserves. It could actually trouble the UK charts if they (the record company) play their cards right. Maybe someday I will get the remixes for Helen Of Troy that I believe should be out there, but Night Cafe encapsulates everything that OMD in 2013 is all about.
    I wish only positive things for Malcom Holmes, and maybe Andy and Paul can still have some musical callaborations ahead of them, but if it ends on English Electric, it was all really worthwhile.


    • postpunkmonk says:

      Echorich – Rumors persisted of Mal being revived onsite and I’m glad they put the word from the horses’ mouth out so quickly. As awful as the truth was, speculation is always worse. As for the future of OMD, can I admit that I’m still waiting for that second OneTwo album? Think of this from Claudia’s point of view. Almost as soon as she decided to partner musically with Paul, Andy calls and says “they want us in Germany!” At the time, I wasn’t aware that they were a couple and I thought that if I were her, I’d be annoyed that Andy came dangling the OMD carrot just as things were getting underway for OneTwo. Of course, the truth is that OMD came pre-sold and there was the possibility for real advancement, both artistic and financially, which couldn’t have hurt their household. Then Claudia moved forward on her own projects to fill the time, so it wasn’t exactly a loss to me as a fan.

      I’m more concerned at what Andy would do after OMD. I don’t want to see him go the “Andy’s OMD” route again. Nor do I want him fronting teenypop ensembles. I guess I’d like to see him collaborate under his own name with other artists and try to find a viable solo vibe. If Paul chimed in every now and then that would be fine. Hey – he could form a synth duo with Karl Bartos! That would work.

      If I had a nose full of nickels for every fan on the OMD forum that wondered why in the hell they didn’t release “Helen Of Troy” as a single I’d be a wealthy man. I can’t answer that question either.


      • Echorich says:

        First the last, I think the Helen Of Troy remixes will come with a a greatest hits/compilation release and they won’t disappoint…I’ve read this in my red rooibos tea leaves…
        Next, Andy and Karl should certainly happen. Karl had gotten his name and music back in the electronic conciousness so it’s a prime time to make that pairing happen.
        I too NEED a second Onetwo album. Maybe now there will be some time. I thought Instead was a brilliant record. Brucken and Humphrey found some excellent collaborators and Claudia singing Have A Cigar is putting Prog synths on their head and spinning at high speed. Oh, and in retrospect, Anonymous was a pretty good indicator that Andy and Paul still had the goods.
        Finally, I hope Mal recovers his health and that overrides everything else.


        • postpunkmonk says:

          Echorich – A rooibos man? Not surprised since our tastes are so congruent! That’s a very compelling thought re: HOT. Yes, one more compilation to ice that particular cake if this is truly the Final Song for OMD.


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