Badges! Badges! Badges! – 4

Phew! I’ve been under the weather and under the gun of late. I’m almost back up to speed but for now, that can only mean one thing… the return of badges!

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This deluxe bagged set of five is quite nice indeed, and they date from the 2001 Roxy Music tour of America, of which I attended two shows. This was a tour I never expected to see, so catching more than one show seemed appropriate. Oh for the time when we were flush with such cash! I saw the show in Camden, New Jersey as well as a week or so later in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m glad we made the effort to see both as each show had unique strengths. The Camden show was notably for 2nd guitarist Chris Spedding’s white hot leads! I’d never had the pleasure live before, but Spedding’s a long-time veteran of various Ferry solo tours and his pedigree is long and vast in the rock pantheon. His playing that night was incindiary. So much so that by the time that we saw the other show in Atlanta, Manzanera must have put his foot down! He was far more docile there.

On the other hand, the Atlanta show featured Ms. Yannick Etienne, whole angelic singing on “Avalon” was sorely missed at the Camden show. In all honesty, she owns this song, and to hear it with her singing it makes all of the difference in the world! Another Atlanta feature was the addition of the seminal “In Every Dream Home A Heartache” in the setlist! I’ve heard Ferry do it solo many times, but never with Manzanera on the ultimate rock guitar solo.

We hit the swag table in Camden and naturally, the lush tour book was a must have, in addition to the “raven lady” tour shirt. But this selection of buttons was also a must. You get four “vintage” designs along with the new imagery at top right as featured on the cover of the umpteenth “best of” they were flogging on the heels of this jaunt. The buttons were adhered to their backing card with sticky goo and the whole shebang came in a zipper bag for safe keeping. I’ve removed the bag to scan the buttons better for your edification.

I’d like to say there’s more, but it seems like I’ve come to the end of my small button collection. In fact, when I started this post, I thought that I had uploaded more button scans last year to my media library on the blog and I was shocked to see that this was it. Well, what do you expect? Apart from the few buttons I’ve bought at march tables at concerts, most of these have been from record store racks, and if you’re anything like me, there’s always more records you can buy instead of buttons!

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