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Project [Anti-] Mersh

Gott Im Himmel!! I just viewed this blog without being logged into Administrator mode for the first time in… years and saw ads posted by the host on the post I was looking at [see above]. I honestly didn’t know! … Continue reading

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Sparks Add 2nd Night to Twice In A Continent Gig

The Brothers Mael have added a second night to their only North American performance of “Kimono My House” with the full-bodied accompaniment of a 38 piece orchestra as conducted by Ms. Suzie Katayama on February 15th. Of course, other Sparks classics … Continue reading

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Temporal Brick Wall Hit

Where I left off in discussing my still theoretical ZTT: Five Years boxed set of god, it was leading into a table that outlines what I have versus what I need. And quite frankly, this will take about 15 hours … Continue reading

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Is It Time To “Upgrade” This Blog?

Of late, I am seeing messages [in admin mode for my eyes only, it seems] that suggest that my readership numbers are getting high enough [in spite of running the blog in “stealth” mode to evade search engines] so the … Continue reading

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