The REVO Catalog

The REVO catalog are CDs that I’ve made for my own benefit over the last dozen or more years.  This entails: vintage albums remastered since the labels won’t do it, CD singles consolidated into multi disc comps that take up less room on the racks all the way to BSOGs – boxed sets of god that contain [hopefully] everything a band issued not on their straight releases. This page will host a catalog of the REVO titles and let’s be frank. It will probably never be up to date. We’ll start with the latest one and awkwardly work our way backwards.

DEVO new traditionalists live in seattle 1981torch song - wish thing US LPvoice of the beehive - the vault of the beehivethe-tourists-uklpaberlin blondestorch song - wishthingUSLPAspandau-ballet---canonbsogAThe Tourists REVO 008NME Mighty Reel REVO 072china-crisis_booklet_coverJAPAN - BentoREVO | 2xCD-R | 2009 | REVO 0057MOD1-UKLPAfreur---stainlesssteeltears-revo036REVO | CD-R | 2015 | REVO 077victorian-parents-silence-followsUKLPAmari-bsog-cover-shotREVO | 2xCD-R | 2015 | REVO 074heartland-coverREVO | US | CD-R | 2009 | REVO 062

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