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Record Review: Vicious Pink – West View US 2xLP [part 2]

[…continued from last post] Side two began with some new Vicious Pink music to reach our ears decades later, and “Why Me” was a winning cocktail of hyper-kinetic Synthpop that pursued an interesting lyrical conceit. Never before has “having a … Continue reading

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DJ Paul Dakeyne Hosts Vicious Pink Release Party Saturday, April 9 Online

We got an intriguing invite this week to the Vicious Pink “West View” album release event, being held online and hosted by DJ Paul Dakeyne and under the MinimalWave umbrella. As a 12″ single band, the “West View” album stands … Continue reading

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Want List: That Mooted Vicious Pink [Phenomena] Collection Coming Soon To Disrupt Your Collection

It feels like a couple of years ago when were were discussing that perfect Vicious Pink Phenomenon collection, and in the comments, our friend slur mentioned that the delightful Minimal Wave label was teasing a new 2xLP from the synthetic … Continue reading

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Building A Perfect Vicious Pink Phenomena Collection

The post before last, I mentioned how Data reminded me of Vicious Pink Phenomena. And that got the old mental wheels turning. This morning I had to dig out the 2012 Cherry Pop Vicious Pink CD I thankfully bought pretty … Continue reading

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Want List: Vicious Pink… Finally On Legitimate CD!

Vicious Pink: Vicious Pink UK CD [2012] Cccan’t You See Spooky The Spaceship Is Over There Blue (Love Mix) Fetish Take Me Now Always Hoping 8:15 To Nowhere / Great Balls Of Fire Cccan’t You See (Exxxx-tended Re-mixxx) Cccan’t You … Continue reading

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New Wave MVP: Tony Mansfield

Having just discussed New Musik, how can I not think of Tony Mansfield, who parlayed his stewardship of that fine band into a reasonably lucrative production career. I have many of his “core curriculum” productions on the racks in the … Continue reading

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You Sometimes Can’t Judge A Record By Its Cover: Vicious Pink

When I was really young – as in pre-teen, I found that you could judge a record by its cover pretty easily. For example, I quickly learned that if a cover listed keyboards or synthesizers then it would probably be … Continue reading

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