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Second Childhood: David Bowie’s “Toy:Box” Is Arriving For His 75th Birthday

Bowiephiles were abuzz last Friday when the news of his fifth all-encompassing ultrabox covering the years 1992-2001 of his career dropped after years of speculation. These massive boxes were an annual event from 2015-2018, but went on hold for three … Continue reading

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Record Review: The Only Fun In Town/Sorry For Laughing – Josef K

Josef K: The Only Fun In Town/Sorry For Laughing UK CD [2002] Fun N’ Frenzy Revelation Crazy To Exist It’s Kinda Funny The Angle Forever Drone Heart of Song 16 Years Citizens Sorry For Laughing Fun N’ Frenzy Heads Watch … Continue reading

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REDUX: Record Review: Stephen Duffy – Baby Impossible 12″

May 24, 2011 A danger of the internet is that it can make a life’s worth of knowledge accrued outdated with the click of a mouse. At one point, I thought I had a reasonably thorough Stephen Duffy collection. There … Continue reading

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