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The End Of An Era: SARM Studios to Undergo Redevelopment

Just yesterday, I received an email from ZTT. It was ostensibly about one of the pledge points on the current Frankie Goes To Hollywood Pledge Music campaign. One of the items that UK fans can pledge for is a playback … Continue reading

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Spandau Ballet + Trevor Horn = Tease

Just a few days ago, the Spandau Balletosphere was abuzz with visions of a new album as produced by Trevor Horn. This would be album number seven, their attempt to balance the books of history in their favor after their divisive … Continue reading

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Hell Freezes Over II: Electric Boogaloo – Spandau Ballet Recording Album 7 With Trevor Horn

Well, it’s good to be back. I just had a viral infection and long-term fever that lasted for just over a week. I missed a lot of work, and of course, many lunch hours! I woke up last Thursday morning at … Continue reading

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The Ultimate ZTT Fetish Object?

Savvy readers of comment threads for ages old postings may have noticed a dialogue between Tim and myself regarding this recent Pledge Music crowd fund project for what may the ultimate ZTT fetish object; “Inside The Pleasuredome.” ZTT have cranked up … Continue reading

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Four Decades Of My Favorite Remixes [1980s]

Well, we’re wrapping up this look at favorite remixes today. The last four decades all have representative favorite remixes of mine which we haven’t covered yet. Suffice to say that Claudia Brücken figures prominently for much of the next four … Continue reading

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Finest Remixes [part 1]

When I finally got the Visage CD single of “Never Enough” recently, it triggered a discussion between myself and top commenter Echorich over “epic, transformative” remixes. There have been remixes ever since the late 70s, but for me that were … Continue reading

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REVO Remastering: Spandau Ballet – Canon boxed set [REVO 045]

Ah yes. Spandau Ballet. The runt of the New Romantic litter, as it were. They had nowhere near the musicianship of labelmates Ultravox or contemporaries Visage. And they long dwelled in the shadow of their rivals, Duran Duran.  Hell, I’m … Continue reading

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