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CD A Week Project: #10

Various: REVO Premaster 10 CD-R [2011] Blondie: Atomic [12] Blondie: Call Me [Spanish 12] Blondie: Call Me [inst.] Blondie: Rapture [disco mix] Blondie: Live It Up [disco mix] Blondie + Fab 5 Freddy: Yuletide Throwdown Blondie: Warchild [12] Maneaters: Nine … Continue reading

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The Ones That Got Away… pt. 5

Finally, here’s the final [I hope] installment of “The Ones That Got Away” – bands that I collect but have never seen live. Toyah – I came by Toyah Willcox fandom in a strange way. First, I saw her records … Continue reading

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